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Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.



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ISBN: 9781501157516

Publisher, Date: Pocket Books 2017

Description: 320 p.

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Bachman, Richard — Richard Bachman is the pseudonym of Steven King, generally associated with a more gruesome narrative voice. -- Jessica Zellers
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945- — Stephen King's and Dean R. Koontz's names are frequently linked as they both write in multiple, often blended genres. Like King, Koontz's stories feature a cast of personable characters involved in fast-paced, deadly battles between good and evil. Koontz, too, writes in a variety of genres, including Horror, Fantasy, and Psychological Suspense. -- Krista Biggs
Gaiman, Neil — Stephen King's fans may want to try Neil Gaiman, a fellow fantasy and horror writer who excels at the can't-put-it-down story. Gaiman often places likeable characters in nasty situations leavened by liberal doses of humor and optimism, always with a positive slant. Gaiman also writes fantasy with very little horror. -- Katherine Johnson
Saul, John — Stephen King writes fast-paced stories that keep readers turning the pages as the suspense builds. Similarly, the works of John Saul are atmospheric and invoke a disturbed, creepy feeling in the reader. -- Nanci Milone Hill
Hill, Joe — Like father, like son. Both King and Hill blend genres, writing mostly horror that often incorporates suspense and dark fantasy tropes. Both tend to feature story lines with flawed but likable protagonists who confront their dark sides as they battle an evil supernatural being. -- Becky Spratford
Cronin, Justin — The compelling, descriptive prose of these authors can be disturbing, creepy, menacing, and suspenseful. Their intricately plotted tales are violent (even gruesome) and center on well-developed protagonists caught by horrifying circumstances in atmospheric American settings. Besides thrilling, they reveal thought-provoking insight into human values and follies, hopes and fears. -- Matthew Ransom
Gemmell, David — David Gemmell and Stephen King share a love of genre-bending fantasy starring gunslinging warrior-heroes fighting their way through an ugly future. Their worlds are action-packed, violent, and horrifying, places where bravery is everything and honor is often a luxury. -- Mike Nilsson
Simmons, Dan — Another author who crosses genres readily is Dan Simmons, and his evocative horror novels offer many satisfactions for King's fans, including fast-paced and involved story lines, personable protagonists, ominous undertones that grow into horrific situations, evocative settings, and satisfying resolutions. -- Krista Biggs
Knaak, Richard A. — If you enjoy world-building fantasy, Richard A. Knaak and Stephen King are both a good bet. Fast-paced and atmospheric, their work is packed with page-turning suspense and fascinating creatures and characters. Both Knaak and King have plenty of action and adventure. King's work features more violence. -- Mike Nilsson
Cutter, Nick — Both these novelists employ vivid description, careful development of characters, initially believable scenarios that build into horrific experiences, and deft portrayal of the details of each shocking situation. While there is bleak and bloody mayhem in their tales, psychological suspense also plays a significant role in the reader's engagement. -- Katherine Johnson
Straub, Peter, 1943- — Peter Straub, co-author of two books with King and a Horror author in his own right, is another author likely to please King's fans. Like King, he focuses on characters, finds Horror in the everyday, and fills his works with ghost stories and nightmares, as well as psychological undertones. -- Krista Biggs
Shapiro, Dani — Writers Dani Shapiro and Stephen King posses the rare ability to write about writing. Their work combines elements of memoir, practical instruction, and personal observation. While both are reflective and candid, Shapiro is more serious-minded and King is conversational and darkly humorous. -- Mike Nilsson

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Approval Rating: 60% (3/5)
Average Rating: 3.86

★★★☆☆ From the Greeneteens Review Blog - Alaska

By MsEm on Fri, 14 Aug 2015 15:53:44

Pen Name: Alaska Age: 13 Title: A Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Author: Stephen King Publisher: Pocket Books Summary: This book is about a little girl that is nine years old and gets lost in the woods. She can't find her way out for many days; she gets these hallucination of creepy things that want to get her. Find out if she over comes these hallucinations and gets out of the woods! Cover appeal: The cover was pretty cheesy but other wise you got what it meant and why he chose that. Most compelling parts of the book: The most compelling aspect of this book is the climax of the story. Disappointments: It wasn't very action packed and a few parts were confusing and it didn't draw me in to much but it is readable. How would you rate this book? 3 - Readable Recommendations and final thoughts: I would, it's a easy read and it isn't to much or too little... It is satisfactory!

★★★★☆ Deeper than Expected.

By Breena on Sat, 30 Jul 2011 12:28:13

I found this book to be deeper that I thought. It's rather short for King, but still realistic. I found myself drawn to the protagonist. I also found his expression of this girl's belief about God to be...enlightening.

★★☆☆☆ Not the Best

By bcl Summer Reading on Thu, 21 Jul 2011 12:40:53

Not the best Stephen King. Good story about survival.

★★★★☆ one of favorites

By sophia♥ on Sun, 27 Dec 2009 09:36:54

my first book read by the author of Steven King. I was expecting something very scary but as i read on it seemed to be anormal story. it is beautifully written and has a great meaning one of my favrite books

★★★★★ A survival by even the most vunrable a child

By vampralicia on Wed, 22 Jul 2009 22:49:59

When You read this, you'll see that even the smallest things can make us carry on the will power to live in the most frightening situations.

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