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The face beneath.


After years of escaping the past, Danielle Lee decides to return home where she is confronted with facing the people she left behind, including Reed Fisher. For four years, Reed has been trying to get over his first love, but that feat is made impossible when Dannie unexpectedly walks back into his life. Trying his best to move on, Reed ignores her existence, but she's suddenly everywhere he is. A friendship blossoms... until feelings start to blur. Remnatns of how they used to be together are still there, but Reed can't forget how much Dannie hurt him when she left, and Dannie is still struggling with her secretive history while living with the aftermath of an assault by an obsessed stalker.

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Series: The Broken series, book 2.

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Genre: [Genre]

ISBN: 9781544679952

Description: 169 p. : 22 cm.

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