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"Following the heartwarming conclusion to her Deborah Knott series, New York Times bestselling author Margaret Maron returns with a thrilling new mystery featuring NYPD detective Sigrid Harald"-- Provided by publisher.

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Bowen, Gail, 1942- — Though they are set in very different places, these cozy mysteries feature professional women drawn into sleuthing by unexpected circumstances. Each has a strong sense of place (Saskatchewan and North Carolina) and the characters draw on the support of family and friends. Each story also includes a thrilling bit of danger before a satisfying conclusion. -- Katherine Johnson
Hart, Carolyn G. — Readers who enjoy the southern setting of " Deborah Knott " will especially enjoy Carolyn G. Hart's "Death on Demand" Mysteries. Hart's traditionally crafted Mysteries featuring Annie Laurence Darling are rich in quirky characters and wonderful descriptions of the region. -- Krista Biggs
O'Shaughnessy, Perri — Like Margaret Maron, Perri O'Shaughnessy brings a small-town setting to life--making it integral to the story--though O'Shaughnessy's Lake Tahoe is far away from Maron's Colleton County, North Carolina. Also, interpersonal and familial relationships play into the plots of both authors, though O'Shaughnessy's legal thrillers move faster and feature more courtroom action than do Maron's mysteries. -- Shauna Griffin
Sweeney, Leann — Both authors write mysteries set in the small-town South, though Maron's mysteries are more focused on people and social dynamics whereas Sweeney's are more cozy and cat-centric. Their female protagonists and host of other quirky characters populate their fun, fast-paced novels. -- Lauren Havens
Tapply, William G. — Both authors write lushly atmospheric and character-driven mystery stories. Though their books contain complex, intricately drawn webs of murder and deceit, the compelling and identifiable protagonists, colorful surrounding characters, and charming, slice-of-life depictions of local communities often take center stage. -- Derek Keyser
Neely, Barbara — Neely and Maron write cozy mysteries featuring intelligent, no-nonsense professional women. Neely's series, set in the Boston area as well as North Carolina, and Maron's two, one set in New York City and the other in North Carolina, all offer social commentary on issues including race. -- Katherine Johnson
Malone, Michael, 1942- — These authors write stories of the new south, usually set in contemporary North Carolina. Both authors address racial and social divides, economic inequality, and other concerns, which are frequently rooted in the evils of the past. However, Michael Malone offers more character development and complexity than does Margaret Maron. -- Shauna Griffin
Burke, James Lee, 1936- — These authors' works are Strong sense of place and Intricately plotted, and they share: the genres 'Mysteries' and 'Southern fiction' and the subjects 'Murder investigation' and 'Murder'.
Thackston, Lawrence — These authors' works are Strong sense of place, Compelling, and Intricately plotted, and they share: the genres 'Mysteries' and 'Southern fiction' and the subject 'Murder investigation'.
Frazier, Charles, 1950- — These authors' works are Strong sense of place, Richly detailed, and Leisurely paced, and they share: the genre 'Southern fiction' and the subject 'North Carolina'.
Larsson, Stieg, 1954-2004 — These authors' works are Compelling and Intricately plotted, and they share: the genre 'Mysteries' and the subjects 'Murder investigation' and 'Murder'.
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels — These authors' works are Compelling, Richly detailed, and Intricately plotted, and they share: the genre 'Mysteries' and the subjects 'Murder investigation' and 'Murder'.

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