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Anne Boleyn, a king's obsession : a novel



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Erickson, Carolly, 1943- — Carolly Erickson writes absorbing, accessible biographies of European historical figures, many of them royals. Like Weir, Erickson's narrative style is geared towards general audiences, but it goes further to border sometimes on the novelistic. She uses a wealth of historical detail to immerse readers in the period in which her subjects lived. -- Krista Biggs
Schiff, Stacy — If you like the drama of Weir's biographies, you may want to read biographies by Stacy Schiff. Her writing contains more historical detail but is still fast-paced and engaging. -- Rebecca Sigmon
George, Margaret, 1943- — Fans of Weir's biographical nonfiction will enjoy the substantial fictional autobiographies of royal figures produced by Margaret George -- they have their share of historial detail as well as tangentially imparting information about the historical period. They have also covered some of the same subjects (e.g., Henry VIII). -- Bethany Latham
Fox, Julia — Both Julia Fox and Alison Weir present highly readable biographies of European historical figures, focusing on royalty. Both authors are engaging and a little scandalous. -- Victoria Caplinger
Gulland, Sandra — Sandra Gulland and Alison Weir conjure the past with character-driven historical novels; Gulland favors the time of Louis XIV and Napoleon, while Weir's work is contemporaneous with Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry VIII. Both are distinguished by drama and rich detail, though Gulland is more romantic and Weir is more suspenseful. -- Mike Nilsson
Plowden, Alison — Weir fans will find much to enjoy in the well-researched but straightforward biographies and histories of Alison Plowden. Perhaps best known for her quartet on Elizabeth I, Plowden creates vibrant portraits of historical figures, usually women, and includes many details of court and daily life. -- Krista Biggs
Massie, Robert K., 1929- — Robert Massie and Alison Weir both write engaging, character-driven biographies of major European historical figures, specifically royalty. Neither author skimps on detail, which brings to life the time periods as well as the personalities of royals. -- Rebecca Sigmon
Goldstone, Nancy Bazelon — Fans of Weir's engrossing biographies of royal women, especially those living during the medieval period, will find much to enjoy in the work of Nancy Goldstone, who has written accessible biographies of such figures as the four Provencal queens and Joanna of Naples. -- Bethany Latham
Hibbert, Christopher, 1924-2008 — Christopher Hibbert writes in a manner which is enjoyable, as well as enlightening. Though Hibbert's biographies can focus a bit more on the political than Weir's, he shares her penchant for personal detail. Hibbert often covers royalty, but his biographies also examine lesser mortals, and his easy storytelling style guarantees a quick and interesting read. -- Krista Biggs
Bradford, Sarah, 1938- — Alison Weir's biographies focus on royal, political, and influential women in history. Sarah Bradford's tend to focus on more modern women. Both authors, however, pay meticulous attention to personal, political, and historical detail in order to bring their subjects to life for the reader. -- Rebecca Sigmon
Van der Kiste, John — John van der Kiste also focuses on British and European royalty, although he prefers the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods. And though Van der Kiste's subjects are usually royal, he enjoys spotlighting people, characteristics, or issues he feels have been "neglected" in other histories. -- Krista Biggs
Fraser, Antonia, 1932- — Though her historical biographies are more apologetic and sympathetic in tone, Antonia Fraser shares Alison Weir's swift, vivid narrative style and engrossing historical detail. She also covers some of the same periods and biographical subjects as Weir, and has a penchant for examining historical mysteries. -- Krista Biggs

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