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Victim without a face a Fabian Risk novel

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Criminal investigator Fabian Risk has left Stockholm with his wife, Sonja, and their two children to start fresh in his hometown of Helsingborg. He has planned a six-week vacation before he starts a new job at the Homicide Department. But after only a few hours in their new home, he is asked to investigate a brutal murder. The body of Jörgen Plsson, one of Risks former classmates, has been found with both hands missing. Soon the bodies of more old classmates are found, and Risk finds himself in a race against time: Can they find the murderer before the entire class is killed? Followed by "The ninth grave". 2015.

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Subjects: 15000 Mysteries and crime stories Policiers (romans)

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ISBN: 978-0-616-86654-2

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Other Title: Offer utan ansikte. English


  • Translation of: Offer utan ansikte.
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