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This way to the end times : classic tales of the apocalypse


A collection of stories about the not-too-distant demise of the earth as we know it.

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Other Authors: Silverberg, Robert, editor.

ISBN: 9781941110478

Description: xvii, 452 pages ; 21 cm


  • Introduction by Robert Silverberg
  • The Eternal Adam / by Jules Verne
  • The Last generation / by James Elroy Flecker
  • Finis / by Frank Lillie Pollock
  • The Coming of the ice / by G. Peyton Wertenbaker
  • N Day / by Philip Latham
  • Guyal of Sfere / by Jack Vance
  • A Pail of air / by Fritz Leiber
  • Who can replace a man? / by Brian W. Aldiss
  • Heresies of the huge God / by Brain W. Aldiss
  • The New Atlantis / by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • When we went to see the end of the world / by Robert Silverberg
  • The Wind and the rain / by Robert Silverberg
  • The Screwfly solution / by James Tiptree Jr.
  • After-images / by Malcolm Edwards
  • Daisy, in the sun / by Connie Willis
  • Three days after / by Karen Haber
  • The Rain at the end of the world as we know it / by Dale Bailey
  • The end of the world as we know it / by Dale Bailey
  • Final Exam / by Megan Arkenberg
  • Prayers to the sun by a dying person / by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
  • Last and first men / by Olaf Stapledon.

LCCN: 2016936893

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