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73 Results
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Beetles —Richardson, Adele, 1966-

Describes the habitat, life cycle, behavior, predators, and unique characteristics of beetles.

Birds in spring. —Maslowski, Stephen.

Focuses on the behaviors of various kinds of birds as they return to northern areas in the spring, claim territory, court, build nests, and lay eggs.

The story of Microsoft —Richardson, Adele.

Describes the history of Bill Gates's Microsoft Corporation and its impact on the computer industry.

Silk —Richardson, Adele, 1966-

Examines the origin, processing, and historical and modern uses of silk.

Japan. —Richardson, Adele, 1966-

Introduces the geography, home and school life, foods, transportation, and working conditions of island nation of Japan.

Leather —Richardson, Adele, 1966-

Examines the origins, processing, and historical and modern uses of leather.

Birds in winter. —Maslowski, Stephen.

Focuses on the activities of various kinds of birds which remain in the northern areas during the winter including their search for food and use of feathers for warmth.

Birds in summer. —Maslowski, Stephen.

Focuses on the summertime activities of birds including the process of parenting as the babies hatch, grow feathers, learn to fly, and take baths.

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