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177 Results
Vampires —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Discusses how the vampire legend started and its role in history and popular culture.

Manga —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Defines manga including its history, its design elements, anime, Amerimanga, and Americanime.

Renewable energy research —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Presents information on the research into renewable energy sources that scientists do, including the methods that they employ and the results that they achieve.

Egypt —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Discusses the history, geography, people, and culture of Egypt and its significance in the world today.

Life in a desert —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Explores the desert ecosystem, discussing where deserts are found, how a desert develops, and how plants, animals, and people survive in this harsh environment.

Balinese cats —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and life cycle of these long-haired graceful cats.

Time travel —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

"A nineteenth-century ship captain facing certain death at sea glimpses a ghostly figure guiding his ship to safety. Was it a pirate ghost, as the captain later claimed, or a hallucination brought on by extreme stress an...

American curl cats —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Presents information about the breed of cat which was discovered in California in 1981 and whose ear tips are curved back and towards the center of the head.

Native Americans of the Northeast —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Discusses the history, daily lives, culture, religion, and conflicts of the Indians that lived in the northeastern part of what is now the United States, including the Algonquian, Abenaki, and Wampanoag tribes.

Precious creatures A to Z —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Describes the origins and habitat of various animals on the verge of extinction, from the giant anteater to the zebra, and discusses attempts to preserve them.

The artist's tools —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Examines the tools that artists use to create their works.

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