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1104 Results
Night of soldiers and spies —Messner, Kate, author.

Ranger the time-travelling Golden retriever and young Isaac Pope come together in 1776 during Washington's retreat after the Battle of Long Island, and Ranger stays with Isaac while he slowly recovers from Smallpox--but ...

Shadow of the shark —Osborne, Mary Pope.

As a thank-you from Merlin and Morgan, Jack and Annie are sent on what should be a vacation at a luxurious resort in Cozumel, Mexico, but is, by mistake, an adventure with ancient Mayans, instead.

Curse of the ancients —de la Peña, Matt, author.

Sera has seen the future, and it is terrifying. Unfortunately, she can't do anything to prevent the Cataclysm while stranded with Dak and Riq thousands of years in the past. Their only hope lies with the ancient Maya, a ...

A big day for baseball —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.

"Jack and Annie use the magic tree house to travel back in time to 1947 Brooklyn, New York, where they pretend to be batboys at Jackie Robinson's first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers against the Boston Braves"-- Provided...

Da Vinci's cat : a novel —Murdock, Catherine Gilbert, author.

Using a mysterious wardrobe that allows them to travel through time, two eleven-year-olds--Federico, a boy from the Italian Renaissance, and Bee, a girl from present-day New Jersey--work together to prevent the bickering...

Tunnels of terror : another Moose Jaw adventure —Bishop, Mary Harelkin, 1958- author.

Andrea's second thrilling adventure ... back in the tunnels of time! Now she and her brother are in trouble with a gang of thieves. How can they get safely back to the present.

Molly Moon, Micky Minus, & the mind machine —Byng, Georgia.

Molly Moon's hypnotic eyes give her the power to stop the world and travel through time. Now Molly makes a stunning new discovery - she's a mind reader! But can her incredible talents help to rescue her lost twin from fu...

Pioneer kids —Wishinsky, Frieda.

Emily and Matt are transported back in time on an antique red sled, the Canadian Flyer, to the Canadian prairies in the early part of the twentieth century.

Camp time in California —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.

"When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie back in time, they land in the tallest tree in Yosemite, California where they join nature conservationist, John Muir, and US President Teddy Roosevelt on a historic trip ...

Showdown with the shepherd —Hering, Marianne.

Mr. Whittaker uses the Imagination Station to transport cousins Patrick and Beth to the Holy Land in 1000 B.C., where Hugh is trying to change history by helping the Philistines defeat the Israelites.

Late lunch with llamas —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.

"The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie away to South America, where they must climb Machu Picchu to save a baby llama"-- Provided by publisher.

The legend of Sam Miracle —Wilson, Nathan D., author.

"Misfit twelve-year-old Sam Miracle|s life is made up of dreams, dreams where he|s a courageous, legendary hero instead of a foster kid with two bad arms that can barely move. Sometimes these dreams feel so real, they se...

Eve of the Emperor penguin —Osborne, Mary Pope.

The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie to Antarctica to search for the fourth secret of happiness for Merlin.

Escape from Egypt! —Mass, Wendy, 1967- author.

Ava and Chase want some more information before they embark on another adventure in time, but the woman who gave them the suitcase filled with magical objects is not being helpful, and when Chase picks up the scarab of K...

The clash of the withers —Morgan, Winter.

When Farmer Brett and his apprentice Joe fall down a hole and land in the middle of the historic Wither War, they find out that their history is far more complicated than they learned in school.

Attack on Pearl Harbor —Messner, Kate, author.

This time Ranger, the time-travelling Golden retriever, finds himself transported to the deck of the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941, where he rescues the young sailor Ben Hansen who is badly burned when the ship explode...

A whale tale —Wishinsky, Frieda.

Emily and Matt travel back to 1778 and encounter giant whales, a potlatch celebration, and Captain James Cook.

The knight at dawn —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.

Eight-year-old Jack and his younger sister Annie use the magic treehouse to travel back to the Middle Ages, where they explore a castle and are helped by a mysterious knight.

The rivers of Zadaa —MacHale, D. J.

Taking advantage of a severe drought and the long-standing distrust between two tribes, the demonic Saint Dane attempts to take over Loor's home planet of Zadaa, opposed once again by the teenaged Pendragon and other Tra...

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