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281 Results
My Jasper June —Snyder, Laurel, author.

The school year is over, and it is summer in Atlanta. The sky is blue, the sun is blazing, and the days brim with possibility. But Leah feels ... lost. She has been this way since one terrible afternoon a year ago, when ...

The serious kiss —Hogan, Mary, 1957-

Relates the angst-ridden life of fourteen-year-old Libby Madrigal as she tries to deal with her unhappily married alcoholic father and overeating mother, moving to a new town, and finding the perfect boy to "seriously" k...

Sorry I'm not sorry —Rue, Nancy N.

While in mandatory counseling to avoid being expelled from Gold Country Middle School for bullying, Kilie Steppe, twelve, focuses on getting revenge against Tory, who took her place as "queen bee," while revealing detail...

Rule of threes —Campbell, Marcy, author.

Future interior designer Maggie, a sixth-grader, focuses on an upcoming design contest to cope with friendship and family troubles, including having Tony, a half-brother she never knew existed, move in.

The underdog duckling —Meadows, Sally, author.

When Quinn's mom gets sick and Quinn has to go live with his grandfather in the big city, a nearby pond becomes a place of comfort and peace for him. But when Quinn spots a duckling all on its own, his own feeling of not...

A dance for three —Plummer, Louise.

When fifteen-year-old Hannah becomes pregnant and her rich, popular boyfriend claims he is not responsible, she is forced to face some hard facts about her life.

Thin ice —Qualey, Marsha.

Seventeen-year-old Arden has been raised by her older brother, Scott, since their parents died when she was just six years old, so when Scott is presumed drowned in a snowmobile accident, Arden is convinced he's really r...

Nobody was here : 7th grade in the life of me, Penelope —Pollet, Alison.

Life in New York in the 1980s is made more difficult for a middle school girl by problems at home and at school.

Notes from the midnight driver —Sonnenblick, Jordan.

After being assigned to perform community service at a nursing home, sixteen-year-old Alex befriends a cantankerous old man who has some lessons to impart about jazz guitar playing, love, and forgiveness.

Lush —Friend, Natasha, 1972-

Unable to cope with her father's alcoholism, thirteen-year-old Sam corresponds with an older student, sharing her family problems and asking for advice.

Sara and the search for normal —King, Wesley, author.

Seventh-grader Sara wants to be normal but her panic attacks and other episodes cause her to isolate herself until, in group therapy, she meets talkative and outgoing Erin, her first friend.

A galaxy of sea stars —Ferruolo, Jeanne Zulick, author.

Izzy struggles with her parents' separation, starting middle school, and more, but especially the effect her friendship with her Muslim neighbor, Sitara, has on her best friends, Zelda and Piper.

Marie-Claire : dark spring —Stinson, Kathy.

Marie-Claire must stay home from school to help with the household chores, and to care for Emilie and baby Philippe. As if things weren't topsy-turvy enough, her aunt and uncle are moving in, to help make ends meet. Will...

The king of jam sandwiches —Walters, Eric, 1957- author.

"Fourteen-year-old Robbie never knows from one day to the next if there is going to be enough to eat or if his father will even come home"-- Provided by publisher.

The accomplice —Grisham, John, author.

"When his best friend Woody is arrested-- an unwitting accomplice to a robbery-- Theodore Boone must work to prove his innocence"-- Provided by publisher.

The lightkeeper's daughter —Lawrence, Iain, 1955-

When, after a four-year absence, seventeen-year-old Squid returns to her childhood home on a remote lighthouse island off British Columbia with her young daughter in tow, she and her parents try to come to terms with eac...

Far from Xanadu —Peters, Julie Anne.

In a small Kansas town, sixteen-year-old Mary-Elizabeth "Mike" Szabo tries to come to terms with her father's suicide and her own homosexuality.

Stuntboy, in the meantime —Reynolds, Jason, author.

Portico Reeves' secret identity as Stuntboy allows him to use his superpower keep everybody safe, but when his superhero parents start fighting a lot he feels the responsibility to save them.

Just another day in my insanely real life : a novel —Dee, Barbara.

With her father "out of the picture" and her mother working long hours, twelve-year-old Cassie unconsciously describes her anger and confusion in a fantasy novel she is writing for school.

The burning queen —Lasky, Kathryn, author.

When Princess Mary ascends the throne in sixteenth-century England, Rose is forced to leave Princess Elizabeth and serve Mary. Mary's coronation is coming, and Rose will be put to work making elaborate gowns. But the rel...

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