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95 Results
Candy Kingdom chaos —Keene, Carolyn, author.

When Nadine's Candy Kingdom amusement park wrist band goes missing, eight-year-old Nancy Drew and her friends investigate the mystery.

No grown-ups allowed —Lewis, Beverly, 1949-

Strange things happen in the Cul-de-sac when Jason pigs out on gooey chocolates and stays up late for a scary show.

Easter bunny in training —Cocca-Leffler, Maryann, 1958-

"Special windows cut in holiday shapes give sneak peeks and hints of what's to come as Tini, the littlest BIT (Bunny In Training), learns the secrets of chocolate making, basket hiding, and more from the Easter Bunny him...

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George goes to a chocolate factory —Rey, Margret, author.

George's curiosity causes a problem at the chocolate factory, but his quick thinking and speedy action on the assembly line help save the candies.

The candy darlings —Walde, Christine, 1969-

A girl, grieving for her dead mother and emotionally detached from her father, becomes fast friends with a mysterious classmate who constantly eats sweets as the two of them battle the vicious popular girls at school and...

Aliens don't carve jack-o'-lanterns —Dadey, Debbie.

The Bailey School Kids try to determine if the man planning the school's Halloween party is really an alien plotting to steal all the candy in town to power his spaceship.

The candy caper case —Jacobs, Paul DuBois, author.

Candy Cat has come to Coral Cove and his candy cart is the cat's meow. When alarm bells start ringing at businesses across the city, Mack has a new case.

Candy fairies. Volume 2 : 3-books-in-1! —Perelman, Helen.

Collects three adventures of the Candy Fairies, featuring Dash the Mint Fairy, Berry the Fruit Fairy, and Cocoa the Chocolate Fairy.

Owen's marshmallow chick —Henkes, Kevin.

Owen is joyous when he receives a marshmallow chick as part of an Easter basket. Decked out in his purple plaid Easter finery, this boy mouse spends a giddy day playing with his sugary new pal. And does he succumb to tas...

When Ruby tried to grow candy —Fisher, Valorie.

After meeting her mysterious neighbor, a young girl plants a candy garden, with delicious results.

Candy fairies. Volume 3 : 3-books-in-1! —Perelman, Helen.

This supersweet paperback edition of the three Candy Fairies books includes Bubble Gum Rescue, Double Dip, and Jelly Bean Jumble.

The coconut clue —Perelman, Helen.

Raina the gummy fairy finds a lagoon on the far side of Gummy Forest that has tropical flavors, but when the fairies begin to harvest these flavors for gummies, they find ancient artifacts.

Taffy time —Lloyd, Jennifer, author.

It's graduation day, and Mrs. Appleby's class tries to answer the question "What's the best thing about kindergarten?" but Mrs. Appleby has a secret answer of her own.

L'halloween de Sami —Labatt, Mary, 1944-

Des textes simples pour apprendre ̉lire en compagnie de la petite chienne Sami. Pour l'Halloween, l'animal participe ̉la distribution de bonbons et dčide de se dǧuiser pour, lui aussi, obtenir quelques friandises.

Honey the Sweet Fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

After having helped Honey the Sweet Fairy to retrieve her magic party bag from a goblin, Rachel and Kirsty visit fairyland to get sweets that will help re-stock the local candy store, which had been ravaged by a mischiev...

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