9 Results
9 Results
Unbreakable —Bauers, W. C.
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"The colonists of the planet Montana are accustomed to being ignored. Situated in the buffer zone between two rival human empires, their world is a backwater: remote, provincial, independently-minded. Even as a provision...

Valor's trial : a Confederation novel —Huff, Tanya.
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Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr finds herself in a prison after an air strike takes place during the war with the Others and attempts to escape.

Key to conspiracy —Gryphon, Talia.
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Gillian Key, a Paramortal psychologist, and her Special Forces team arrive in Northern Russia to break up a ring of child traffickers preying on newly orphaned children, a deadly mission that leaves her vulnerable to Dra...

The truth of valor —Huff, Tanya.
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Valor's trial —Huff, Tanya.
Book On CD
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In the fourth installment of Tanya Huff's Confederation series, Torin Kerr is captured and held captive in a secret POW camp held underground. There, she comes in contact with many other marine prisoners who suspiciously...

Fear, love, and agoraphobia
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An agoraphobic man and a female Marine become emotionally entangled as they struggle to escape from their personal prisons.

The truth of valor a Confederation novel —Huff, Tanya.
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is attempting to build a new life with salvage operator Craig Ryder on his ship, the Promise. Turns out civilian life is a lot rougher than she'd imagined - salvage operators are...