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Bringing back the wolves : how a predator restored an ecosystem —Isabella, Jude, author.

"In 1995, the gray wolf was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park after a seventy-year absence. All these years later, we can clearly see the cascading effects this has had on the park's ecosystem. This is a spectacu...

12 mammals back from the brink —Furstinger, Nancy, author.

This book shares the survival stories of endangered species that have made a comeback. Learn about the human and natural factors that drove each species to the edge of extinction, and find out what helped them survive an...

The best mommies and daddies —Ollivier, Reina, 1956- author.

"For animals, mommies and daddies are also very important. And the nine animals you'll get to know in this book are very caring parents! Discover the world of the emperor penguin, the fox, the orangutan, the clown fish, ...

Wild dogs : wolves, coyotes and foxes —Hodge, Deborah.

Easy-to-read text and beautiful, accurate illustrations meet the research needs of young children and satisfy their curiosity about these magnificent animals.

Wolf Girl : finding myself in the wild —Markegard, Doniga, author.

"Through the Pacific Northwest forests and along the rugged coastal shores of California, Wolf Girl: Finding Myself in the Wild is a young environmentalist's coming-of-age story about learning, discovery, and survival. W...

Grizzly bear vs. wolf pack —Sommer, Nathan, author.

"Amazing photography accompanies engaging information about the fighting abilities of grizzly bears and wolves. The combination of high-interest subject matter and light text is intended for students in grades 3 through ...

How the wolf became the dog —Zeaman, John.

Provides an overview of how wolves evolved into "man's best friends."

The wolf —Mitchell, Hayley R., 1968-

Discusses the habits, habitat, and endangered status of the wolf, as well as its place in human society.

Little Roja Riding Hood —Elya, Susan Middleton, 1955-

A rhyming twist on the classic fairy tale in which a little girl saves her grandmother from a wolf. Includes glossary of Spanish words.

The boy who cried wolf —Hoena, B. A., author.

A modern song retells the fable of the boy tending sheep who thinks it a fine joke to cry "wolf" and watch the people come running, until the day a wolf is really there and no one answers his call. Includes a brief intro...

Little Red Riding Hood —Goldsack, Gaby, 1966-

Little Red Riding Hood went into the bedroom and gasped in surprise when she saw her grandma. She looked sort of...different. Find out what happens when Little Red Riding Hood talks to a wicked wolf on her way to Grand...

Walk with a wolf —Howker, Janni.

After a lone hungry wolf finds companions whose combined strength drags down an old moose, the entire pack sleeps through a blizzard and dreams of the return of spring.

The gunniwolf —Harper, Wilhelmina, 1884-1973.

A little girl cautioned never to go into the jungle, wanders in deeper and deeper while searching for flowers--and is suddenly confronted by the gunniwolf.

Face to face with wolves —Brandenburg, Jim.

Provides information on wolves with a focus on their physical characteristics, their habits, threats they face, and how the wolf population is making a comeback.

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