12 Results
12 Results
Double trouble at the museum —Handford, Martin, author, artist.

Join Waldo and his friends for a day at the museum. Hidden among the amazing artefacts and exciting exhibitions are over 500 fiendish differences to find. The spot-the-difference challenge starts now!

Where's Waldo now? : deluxe edition —Handford, Martin, author.

The reader follows Waldo as he travels through different time periods in history and must try to find him in the illustrations of some of the crowded events in which he participates.

Where's Waldo? Destination : everywhere! —Handford, Martin, author.

Everyone's favourite bespectacled explorer has been many places. Join Waldo as he handpicks his favourite journeys of all time,revisiting twelve of his most fantastic travels in a new format that includes a surprise at t...

Where's Waldo? : the incredible paper chase —Handford, Martin, author, illustrator.

Waldo sets out on another incredible adventure and takes his sketchpad with him to draw some of the wonderful things he sees, including soldiers on parade, clowns, messages in bottles, and more.

Where's Waldo? : the great picture hunt! —Handford, Martin, author.

The reader is invited to find Waldo and each of a group of unusual portraits in the detailed illustrations of crowds in a gallery, at a sporting event, and in other settings.

Where's Waldo? : the spectacular spotlight search —Handford, Martin, author.

"Just when you thought you'd mastered the art of finding Waldo, along comes a whole new twist to tracking him down! In an innovative, all-paper design that simulates a traveling spotlight beam, each scene is completely d...

Where's Waldo? : the wonder book : deluxe edition —Handford, Martin, author.

The reader follows Waldo and other characters as they travel through various scenes, and tries to find them and their lost objects in the illustrations.

Where's Waldo? : the fantastic journey : deluxe edition —Handford, Martin, author.

Invites young fans to comb through intricately detailed spreads to find the ever-elusive Waldo and several other cleverly obscured objects.

Where's Waldo? —Handford, Martin, author.

"The original adventure! Join the search for Waldo on his worldwide hike from the beach to the ski slopes, the train station to the airport, and the museum to the fairground! The more you look, the more you'll find, as W...

Where's Waldo? : the totally essential travel collection —Handford, Martin, author.

Collects some of Waldo's adventures as Waldo seekers are challenged to find Waldo and his friends in several different places and periods.