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785 Results
Invitation only : a novel —Brian, Kate.
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Reed, from a working class family, is attending the wealthy Easton Academy on a scholarship, where she finds out that rich girls have some very dark secrets.

Alice, I think —Juby, Susan, 1969-
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After her first therapist has a meltdown, fifteen-year-old Alice MacLeod and her new therapist decide that Alice's horizons should be expanded. Enter Alice's Life Goals List. It's time to grow up, act her age, maybe even...

Secrets and super sneaks
Graphic Novel
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Lily has two tickets to the Hannah Montana concert and invites Miley to attend with her. The two disobey their curfews and try to meet Ashton Kutcher at his movie premiere, and with the possible revelation of Miley's sec...

Paparazzi princess : a novel —Calonita, Jen.
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Wanting only to mourn the end of her television series, seventeen-year-old Kaitlin, under pressure to choose her next acting project and study for her SATs, is drawn into the Hollywood nightlife by publicity-loving "It G...

The Lizzie Mcguire movie
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Lizzie McGuire sets off to Italy with friends on a graduation trip, where she is mistaken for an Italian pop star and falls for the star's singing partner, Paolo.

The poet X : a novel —Acevedo, Elizabeth, author.
10 available of 14 items

Harlem. Ever since her body grew into curves, Xiomara Batista has learned to let her fists and her fierceness do the talking. She pours all her frustration and passion onto the pages of a leather notebook, reciting the w...

That scatterbrain Booky —Hunter, Bernice Thurman.
10 available of 12 items

It is September 1932, the heart of the Great Depression, and schoolgirl Booky uses her imagination and spirit, her sharp eye and big plans, to keep her family together through the cold, lean times.

Vanished. Books one & two —Cabot, Meg, author.
6 available of 8 items

"A gift ... or a curse? Jessica Mastriani has never liked attention. All she wants is to make it to high school graduation like any ordinary girl. But when Jess is struck by lightning, she becomes anything but ordinary. ...

Broken strings —Walters, Eric, 1957- author.
14 available of 19 items

It's 2002. In the aftermath of the twin towers-- and the death of her beloved grandmother-- Shirli Berman is intent on moving forward. The best singer in her junior high, she auditions for the lead role in Fiddler on the...

Little white lies —Ellis, Carol, 1945-
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Mary-Kate and Ashley prepare to be bridesmaids in their cousin Jeanine's wedding.

Bad news, good news —Bryant, Annie.
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A group of friends with diverse backgrounds and families work together to solve various problems, including the news that Charlotte's father wants to move away just as she has joined the school newspaper.

Weave a circle round —Maaren, Kari, 1975- author.
11 available of 12 items

Freddy just wants to get through high school, but she finds herself thousands of years in the past with her weird neighbors.

P.S. I loathe you : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.
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When the Pretty Committee deems its boy-fast null and void, boy fever sweeps through BOCD. What better way to back handspring into new crush Dempsey's heart than cheer for him on the soccer field? And just like that, Mas...

Mean girls : a novel —Ostow, Micol, author.
11 available of 11 items

You know the story -- or do you? Cady Heron grew up homeschooled in Africa with scientist parents as her teachers, monkeys as her classmates and the African plains as her playground. But when her family moves to the subu...

Daimon —Armentrout, Jennifer L.
0 available of 1 items

Seventeen-year-old Alexandria isn't a normal girl- she and her mother have been on the run for years, and what's looking for them isn't exactly human.

Miss Smithers —Juby, Susan, 1969-
19 available of 19 items

Sixteen-year-old Alice MacLeod's life as an outcast begins to change when she experiments with being friends with different sorts of people, tries drinking alcohol and eating meat, and competes in the Miss Smithers beaut...

Pippa Park raises her game —Yun, Erin, author.
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"Life is full of great expectations for Korean American Pippa Park. It seems like everyone, from her family to the other kids at school, has a plan for how her life should look. So when Pippa gets a mysterious basketball...

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