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63 Results
Library Lil —Williams, Suzanne, 1949-

A formidable librarian makes readers not only out of the once resistant residents of her small town, but out of a tough-talking, television-watching motorcycle gang as well.

The dancing trees —Kelly, Masiana, 1984- author.

"Thomas loves to tell stories. Big stories. Stories about how skilled he is on the land. But when one of his friends grows tired of his tall tales, Thomas has to prove how skilled he really is. Taking the challenge to sp...

The dirty cowboy —Timberlake, Amy.

Telling his faithful dog to make sure nobody touches his clothes but him, a cowboy jumps into a New Mexico river for a bath, not realizing just how much the scrubbing will change his scent.

The tale of Urso Brunov : little father of all bears —Jacques, Brian.

Urso Brunov or Little Father, a bear the size of a thumb, saves a group of animals from a misguided baggy-trousered crybaby known as the Lord of all Sands.

The Christmas blizzard —Ketteman, Helen.

A Christmas tall tale describes what happens when a two-week snowstorm has a profound impact on the holiday season, in a whirlwind story that features flying cows and snowflakes as big as dinner plates and fat as turnips...

Grandma Lena's big ol' turnip —Hester, Denia.

Grandma Lena grows a turnip so big that it takes her entire family pull it up and half of the town to eat it. Includes a note about cooking "soul food."

Whopper cake —Wilson, Karma.

Grandad bakes Grandma a whopper of a birthday cake. Includes recipe and directions for chocolate cake.

Avalanche Annie : a not-so-tall tale —Wheeler, Lisa, 1963-

When the Yoohoos of northern Michisota are caught in an avalanche on Mt. Himalachia, little Annie Halfpint saves the day and earns a new nickname.

What Baby wants —Root, Phyllis.

Various family members try to stop Baby from crying, but only his brother figures out what he wants.

Scatterbrain Sam —Jackson, Ellen, 1943-

Scatterbrain Sam finds true love while gathering ingredients for the mysterious glue stew that is supposed to make him smarter.

Dancing with Daisy —Coates, Jan L., 1960- author.

"When he finds a photograph of his grandfather as a young man, Liam is full of questions. But that's just fine, because Grampy has a story to spin with every answer. On a fall day in 1962, he tells Liam, he had a run-in ...

Joshua the giant frog —Thomas, Peggy, 1960-

Although Joshua, a giant frog, causes earthquakes when he hops and topples trees when he croaks, he can also haul a string of barges down the Erie Canal.

That's good! that's bad! in the Grand Canyon —Cuyler, Margery.

When a little boy vacations at the Grand Canyon with his grandmother, both good and bad things happen.

Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett : a tall tale —Kellogg, Steven.

Sally Ann, wife of Davy Crockett, fears nothing--and proves it when braggart Mike Fink tries to scare her.

My sister's rusty bike —Aylesworth, Jim.

A rhyming tale of a zany, zigzag trip around America.

Davy Crockett saves the world —Schanzer, Rosalyn.

Davy Crockett stops the evil Halley's Comet from destroying the world and wins the heart of Sally Sugartree in the process.

The day the cow sneezed —Flora, James.

A cow sneezes and sets off a series of ridiculous events.

McBroom's wonderful one-acre farm : three tall tales —Fleischman, Sid, 1920-2010.

Three humorous adventures on McBroom's wonderful one-acre prairie farm.

The biggest frog in Australia —Roth, Susan L.

When a thirsty frog drinks up all the water in Australia, the other animals must think of a way to make him give it up.

Clever Beatrice —Willey, Margaret.

A small, but clever young girl outwits a rich giant and wins all his gold.

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