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Did you mean? Startling Fiction
The end (almost) —Benton, Jim.

When Donut the bear is told his story is over and he has to leave, he employs trickery so the story can go on.

The too-scary story —Murguia, Bethanie Deeney, author, illustrator.

At bedtime, their father tells Grace and Walter a scary story about two children in a dark forest.

It's a tiger! —LaRochelle, David.

A child imagines that he is in a story where he encounters a tiger at every turn.

Bear has a story to tell —Stead, Philip Christian.

Bear, with the help of his animal friends, remembers the story he had hoped to tell before the onset of winter.

How the king of Elfhame learned to hate stories —Black, Holly, author.

Cardan Greenbriar, High King of Elfhame, visits the mortal world to face the troll woman, Aslog of the West.

The panda problem —Underwood, Deborah, author.

A narrator's story is disrupted by the main character (Panda) who refuses to play the part.

Drawn together —Lê, Minh, 1979- author.

A boy and his grandfather cross a language and cultural barrier using their shared love of art, storytelling, and fantasy.

Interrupting chicken : cookies for breakfast —Stein, David Ezra, author, illustrator.

The little red chicken wakes up hungry for one thing: cookies! Papa thinks nursery rhymes would make a better morning treat--and an excuse to rest in bed a little longer. But with little Chicken, nothing happens quite as...

The Fifth Avenue Story Society : a novel —Hauck, Rachel, 1960- author.

"An invitation to join The Fifth Avenue Story Society gives five New York strangers a chance to rewrite their own stories. Executive assistant Lexa is eager for a much-deserved promotion, but her boss is determined to ke...

Interrupting chicken —Stein, David Ezra, author.

Little Red Chicken wants Papa to read her a bedtime story, but interrupts him almost as soon as he begins each tale.

Interrupting chicken and the elephant of surprise —Stein, David Ezra, author, illustrator.

When Little Red Chicken comes home excited about what she learned in school, she explains to Papa that every story has "an elephant of surprise."

Supernana —Byrne, Eva, author, illustrator.

Supernana's amazing abilities may not be enough when a villain with a shrink ray threatens the city, but her granddaughter Julia knows Supernana's greatest superpower is storytelling--or is it?

A spool of blue thread : a novel —Tyler, Anne.

"It was a beautiful, breezy, yellow-and-green afternoon." This is the way Abby Whitshank always begins the story of how she fell in love with Red that day in July 1959. The whole family--their two daughters and two sons,...

Idea Jar —Lehrhaupt, Adam, author.

What happens when the story ideas--from a bored Viking to a space robot--kept in a teacher's special jar escape and get rowdy?

What this story needs is a pig in a wig —Virján, Emma J.

Illustrations and rhyming, easy-to-read text introduce an increasing, then decreasing, cast of characters sharing a boat in a moat with a pig in an enormous wig.

Story path : choose a path, tell a story —Matoso, Madalena, author, artist.

Travel along the story path and discover an enchanted world where fairy princes battle with monsters from the deep and vampire cats zoom through the galaxy on unicorns. This innovative twist on the classic quest tale all...

Any questions? —Gay, Marie-Louise, author, illustrator.

Many children want to know where stories come from and how a book is made. Marie-Louise Gay's new picture book provides them with some delightfully inspiring answers in a fictional encounter between an author and some ve...

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