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49 Results
Superstore. Season 1

A hilarious workplace comedy venturing into the world of retail. The giant megastore is staffed by employees ranging from bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans, to the clueless summer hires and the in-it-for-l...

My pillow keeps moving! —Gehl, Laura, author.

"A clever pup ends up in a cozy home, and she'll do anything to stay there. She impersonates everything the lonely homeowner needs--a pillow, a footstool, a jacket. But in the end, being herself works best"-- Provided by...

My Christmas dream

An ambitious store manager of a renowned retail flagship store must enlist the help of a struggling, single-father handyman to help her realize her dream of managing the company's first international store.

The Store —Patterson, James, 1947- author.
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Imagine a future of unparalleled convenience. A powerful retailer, The Store, can deliver anything to your door, anticipating the needs and desires you didn't even know you had. Most people are fine with that, but not Ja...

Max explains everything : grocery store expert —McAnulty, Stacy, author.

"From choosing the perfect cart to navigating the produce section, expert extraordinaire Max explains all there is to know about going to the grocery store"-- Provided by publisher.

Superstore. Season 3

Attention all shoppers! Amy (America Ferrera), Jonah (Ben Feldman) and the rest of the Cloud 9 employees are back for more retail adventures in Season 3 of the hit workplace comedy, Superstore. Last season's whirlwind fi...

Needful things —King, Stephen, 1947- author.

A newcomer opens a shop in Castle Rock. Bringing bargains as well as nightmares and disasters to the town.

Best foot forward —Bauer, Joan, 1951-

Between school and Al-Anon meetings, Jenna helps Mrs. Gladstone cope with escalating problems that result from the merger of Gladstone Shoes with Shoe Warehouse Corporation, while managing a new employee with a shoplifti...

Superstore. Season 2

"Superstore" centers around Amy, the store's most stalwart employee as well as the glue holding the place together, and newly hired Jonah, a dreamer determined to prove work doesn't have to be boring.

The memory shop —Griffin, Ella, author.

Day-dreamer Nora has inherited all of her grandmother's worldly possessions that she remembers from childhood: a feather shrug, a Tiffany mirror, a gold locket, and many more precious things besides. Nora dreads seeing h...

Pirateria : the wonderful plunderful pirate emporium —Brown, Calef.

Illustrations and rhyming text invite the reader to explore a store that provides everything a privateer, mutineer, or buccaneer might want in the way of high-quality pirate gear, from clothing to classes in smuggling mo...

A view to a kilt —Dunnett, Kaitlyn, author.

"Liss has suddenly found herself in charge of the March Madness Mud Season Sale, a town-wide celebration created to boost the local economy during the slushy weeks of early spring. With businesses ailing after a rough wi...

The strawberry thief —Harris, Joanne, 1964- author.

Vianne Rocher has settled down. Lansquenet-sous-Tannes, the place that once rejected her, has finally become her home. With Rosette, her 'special' child, she runs her chocolate shop in the square, talks to her friends on...

Glamour —Mensch, Louise

Three women who co-found a wildly successful chain of stores must find a way to end a bitter feud and become friends again.

Boardwalk bust —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe travel to New Jersey where they investigate a series of robberies at jewelry stores.

Cranhams' curios —Loveday, Chrissie.
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After her hectic London life, Rachel returns to her native Cornwall and her parents' Curio shop. Things are changing and she realises that she is needed. There is plenty to do and the local vet, Charlie is an added incen...

Rules of the road —Bauer, Joan, 1951-

Sixteen-year-old Jenna gets a job driving the elderly owner of a chain of successful shoe stores from Chicago to Texas to confront the son who is trying to force her to retire, and along the way Jenna hones her talents a...

My special one and only —Berger, Joe, 1970-

When Bridget Fidget takes her favorite toy, Captain Cat, with her to a store to spend the golden coin the tooth fairy brought, she loses him.

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