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24 Results
Kit and Kaboodle ride a roller coaster —Portice, Michelle, author.

"Get ready for fun as Kit and Kaboodle visit an amusement park in this Level 2 Highlights Puzzle Reader. Kids can help the duo by finding items for their journey in six Hidden Pictures puzzles that double as story illust...

Rumble of the coaster ghost —Cummings, Troy.

Alexander's class is going on a field trip to an amusement park called Safety Land with really slow, boring rides--but this is Stermont, and when a weird magician tells Alexander and his friends that the roller coaster i...

Harriet and the roller coaster —Carlson, Nancy L.

Harriet accepts her friend George's challenge to ride the frightening roller coaster and finds out that she is the brave one.

B is for bulldozer : a construction ABC —Sobel, June.

As children watch over the course of a year, builders construct a rollercoaster using tools and materials that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

Curious George roller coaster —Perez, Monica, author.

"Curious George wants to ride a roller coaster more than anything"--Page 4 of cover.

The great coaster caper —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe are excited to learn that Thrill Kingdom, their local amusement park, is having a contest for kids to design a brand-new ride. And they're even more excited that their friend Phil is entering. But on the da...

Bones and the roller coaster mystery —Adler, David A.

Junior sleuth Jeffrey Bones and his grandfather enjoy a day at the amusement park until their tickets to ride the giant roller coaster mysteriously disappear.

The biggest roller coaster —Kügler, Tina, author, illustrator.

Fox siblings Fritz and Franny, and their patient dog Fred, are at the amusement park squabbling about which ride is fastest and loudest--but when they are confronted by the biggest, tallest, and loudest roller coaster th...

Roller coaster —Frazee, Marla.

Twelve people set aside their fears and ride a roller coaster, including one who has never done so before.

Speed demons —Jones, Jasmine. 1953-

Stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb, along with their pet platypus, engage in all kinds of antics during their summer vacation. In part one, the boys fix up their mom's car and entre the Swamp-Oil 500 at the speedway. In part ...

Roller coaster ride : a 4D book —Meister, Cari, author.

Seb, Princess, and Snowy are the three horses who call themselves the Tres Caballos Incognito, and they like to break out of the barn at night and go on adventures--and tonight's adventure is a trip to an amusement park ...

Wonder Park. Backyard roller coaster —King, Trey, adapter.

"June Bailey loves making things! While she works on Wonderland, the amusement park of her dreams, she decides to bring some of it to the real world by designing and building a roller coaster in her backyard, complete wi...

Cyclone —Cronin, Doreen, author.

Riding the Cyclone, the world famous Coney Island rollercoaster was supposed to be the highlight of twelve-year-old Nora's summer, but right after they disembark, Nora's thirteen-year-old cousin Riley falls to the ground...

The roller coaster ride —Broadbent, David, 1977- author, artist.

Vincent and Grandma are on their way to the beach. As they get nearer to their destination, his excitement grows as he imagines riding on the roller coaster and other attractions!

The amusement park from the Black Lagoon —Thaler, Mike, 1936- author.

It is time for a class trip, and all Hubie's friends want to go to the amusement park. But Hubie doesn't. Waiting in long lines? Rides named after natural disasters? There's nothing amusing about that.

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