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Choose kindness —Ohi, Ruth, author, illustrator.

"Bunny is having a tough morning, but manages to brighten up and get out the door. Pretty soon Bunny comes across Beetle, who needs a little cheering too. Bunny can do that! Bunny and Beetle band together and they come a...

Goodnight moon —Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952, author.

A little bunny bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.

This is a dog book! —Henderson, Judith, author.

"In a rib-tickling display of duplicity and diversion, a bunny tries to show he has what it takes to be included in this dog book."

Hungry bunny —Rueda, Claudia, author, illustrator.

In this interactive picture book, the reader must help Bunny as he gathers apples to eat, and uses his red scarf to climb a tree or create a rope bridge.

Peter Rabbit. 2

Thomas and Bea are now married and living with Peter and his rabbit family. Bored of life in the garden, Peter goes to the big city, where he meets shady characters and ends up creating chaos for the whole family.

Creepy pair of underwear! —Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- author.

"A young rabbit is frightened by his underwear"-- Provided by publisher.

Charlotte the scientist finds a cure —Andros, Camille, author.

"Charlotte, a budding bunny scientist, ignores the doubters and confidently finds a cure to the mysterious malady affecting the forest"-- Provided by publisher.

Creepy carrots! —Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- author.

The carrots that grow in Crackenhopper Field are the fattest and crispiest around and Jasper Rabbit cannot resist pulling some to eat each time he passes by, until he begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he ...

Peter Rabbit. 2
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Thomas and Bea are now married and living with Peter and his rabbit family. Bored of life in the garden, Peter goes to the big city, where he meets shady characters and ends up creating chaos for the whole family.

The Bunny Rabbit Show! —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Introduces ten rabbits who like to dance, sing, jump, and wiggle their noses in unison to entertain their audience, but anyone is welcome to join the chorus line after donning a pair of bunny ears.

Peter Rabbit

The stubborn and naughty Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) causes chaos in the home and garden of an irritable human named Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson). However, their rivalry grows even more heated when they both...

Napoleon vs. the bunnies —Fox, Jennifer, 1976- author.

Adorable bunnies loom large in Anna Kwan's fun brightly coloured illustrations that lean heavily toward shades of blue, white and red. Adding to the read-aloud appeal, dialogue bubbles in the illustrations contain easily...


Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprising habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it's a melting pot where animals from every environment live together. But when optimistic Officer Judy H...

The rabbit listened —Doerrfeld, Cori, author, illustrator.

"When Taylor's block castle is destroyed, all the animals think they know just what to do, but only the rabbit quietly listens to how Taylor is feeling"-- Provided by publisher.

Bunny will not be quiet! —Tharp, Jason, author, illustrator.

Repeatedly asking his purple friend, Bunny, to try to be more quiet, Big the blue bear becomes exasperated as Bunny continues to be loud on the bus, at plays, and even at the library, before Big asks readers for help by ...

Ruby's beauty shop —Wells, Rosemary.

Louise and Ruby use Louise's "Deluxe Beauty Kit" to give Max a make-over, but when Grandma calls to schedule her own make-over, she makes an appointment with Max.

Max's half birthday —Wells, Rosemary, author.

After going to two friends' birthday parties, Max wants a party, too, so Grandma suggests a half birthday party, with all the half-trimmings.

Black Belt Bunny —Davis, Jacky, 1966- author.

"Black Belt Bunny is good at sidekicks, backflips, and air chops, but when told he must learn to make a salad, he resists, only to be unexpectedly empowered by himself and the narrator"-- Provided by publisher.

Spend it! : a moneybunny book —McLeod, Cinders, author, illustrator.

Sonny's mother teaches him that he cannot buy everything with his allowance, but must choose what is really important to him.

One brown bunny —Bauer, Marion Dane.

One brown bunny goes out one day and finds many friends who would like to play.

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