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91 Results
Half-Moon investigations —Colfer, Eoin.

Twelve-year-old private investigator Fletcher Moon, nicknamed "Half Moon" because of his shortness, must track down a conspiracy or be framed for a crime he did not commit.

Malamander —Taylor, Thomas, 1973- author.

In the basement of the Grand Nautilus Hotel, a mysterious girl crashes into Herbie Lemon's room and cries, "Hide me!" In the window of the Eerie Book Dispensary, a mechanical mermonkey sits and waits. And out beyond the ...

The upper case : trouble in Capital City —Lazar, Tara, author.

When upper case letters disappear from Capital City, Question Mark calls on Private I to investigate.

Ivy + Bean take the case —Barrows, Annie.

After watching a movie about a detective on the television, Bean decides to set up shop as a private investigator -- and she and Ivy start looking for mysteries to solve.

The case of the spoiled rotten spy —Preller, James.

An important prop goes missing from the set of a television program that is filming in town and it is up to Jigsaw to solve the case.

Timmy Failure. We meet again —Pastis, Stephan.

From the New York Times best-selling creator of Timmy Failure comes a third adventure about the comically overconfident sleuth. His name is Failure. Timmy Failure. And his detective agency is on the verge of global domi...

Timmy Failure. Mistakes were made —Pastis, Stephan.

Meet Timmy Failure, the founder, president, and CEO of the best detective agency in town, probably the nation. And his lazy sidekick, Total, a 1,500-pound polar bear.

The case of the missing socks —Bentley, Tadgh, author, illustrator.

"When Awesome Possum notices yet another sock has gone missing in the wash, his suspicions are raised. He senses foul play. If they aren't in the laundry... who could be taking them? Feels like the perfect case for Dino ...

The case of the nibbled pizza —Bentley, Tadgh, author, illustrator.

When sister and brother duo Dino Detective and Awesome Possum discover Grandma Thunderclaps's pizza is missing all its pepperoni, they jump into action to find out who is to blame.

Detective Mole —Pintonato, Camilla, author, illustrator.

Oscar is a whiz in the kitchen, but he's always dreamed of being a detective. When a squirrel is reported missing, Oscar hopes this will be his big break. Since he's read so many mysteries and has a nose for details, he ...

The case of the frog-jumping contest —Preller, James.

Jigsaw and his friend Stringbean are in a frog-jumping contest. When the champion frog disappears Jigsaw tries to catch the frog-napper.

Clueless McGee and the inflatable pants —Mack, Jeff.

Fifth-grader PJ "Clueless" McGee writes a series of letters to his father, a private investigator, telling of his attempt to learn who stole the science fair trophy, thus clearing his own name.

The case of the snowboarding superstar —Preller, James.

Jigsaw and his family go on a ski vacation, but when a snowboarding superstar loses his good luck charm, Jigsaw has to solve the case without his partner, Mila.

The adventures of Jack Lime —Leck, James.

Jack Lime solves problems for his fellow Iona High students. Sometimes he falls for the dames who hire him, sometimes he falls in the river and sometimes he falls asleep (he's narcoleptic). But rest assured that whether ...

Zero to hero —Pastis, Stephan, author, illustrator.

The prequel to the New York Times best-selling series that's now a movie on Disney+! Timmy Failure is not just any detective--he is the greatest detective in his town, perhaps the nation. He is so famous that there have ...

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