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4 Results
Girl in glass : how my 'distressed baby' defied the odds, shamed a CEO, and taught me the essence of love, heartbreak, and miracles —Fei, Deanna.
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Fei explores the value of a human life: from the spreadsheets wielded by cost-cutting executives to the insidious notions of risk surrounding modern pregnancy; from the wondrous history of medical innovation in the care ...

Evan early —Wojahn, Rebecca Hogue.
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When Natalie's brother is born too soon, she tries to wait patiently to teach him everything he will need to know, but she misses her parents and begins to resent the time they spend with him at the hospital.

Early : an intimate history of premature birth and what it teaches us about being human —DiGregorio, Sarah, author.
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The heart of many hospitals is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It is a place where humanity, ethics, and science collide in dramatic and deeply personal ways as parents, doctors, and nurses grapple with sometime...