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18 Results
Stanley in space —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

When the residents of a far-distant planet send a message to Earth asking for someone to meet with them, the President of the United States asks Stanley Lambchop, an all-American boy, to be his ambassador.

Stanley's Christmas adventure —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

When Santa quits his job a few days before Christmas because of too many greedy children, his daughter whisks young Stanley Lambchop and his family off to the North Pole to help change the old man's mind.

Flat Stanley —Brown, Jeff.

After a bulletin board falls on Stanley while he is sleeping, he finds that being flat has its advantages.

Invisible Stanley —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

One morning after a thunderstorm, the Lambchop family is surprised to discover that Stanley is suddenly invisible.

Flat Stanley and the bees —Houran, Lori Haskins.

On a hot summer day, Flat Stanley and his friends have lots of fun games to play. Stanley's flatness comes in handy, especially during hide-and-seek. But when the fun disrupts a beehive, can Stanley save his buddies befo...

Flat Stanley : 4 books in 1! —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003, author.

When a bulletin board falls on Stanley and makes him flat, the adventures begin! Join everyone's favorite flat friend as we find out how he became flat...and flat again! And follow him as he flies to space and even meets...

Flat Stanley at Bat —Houran, Lori Haskins, author.

"Flat Stanley, the beloved character created by Jeff Brown, is back in this I Can Read book about baseball! When Stanley plays center field for his baseball team, he is a flat-out great player! None of the other players ...

Flat Stanley's worldwide adventures audio collection Books 1-12 —Greenhut, Josh.
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Stanley Lambchop is an ordinary boy. Then one night, a huge bulletin board falls on him, and he wakes up flat! So begins Flat Stanley, the first in a beloved series of extraordinary adventures.

Show-and-tell, Flat Stanley —Houran, Lori Haskins, author.
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Participating in an exciting show-and-tell day during which Miss Plum shows the class her sparkly new engagement ring, Flat Stanley is on the case when the ring goes missing.

Stanley and the magic lamp —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

The members of the Lambchop family react differently when a boistrous genie grants their wishes for fame, power, and the ability to fly.

The Flat Stanley collection —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

Stanley Lambchop, flattened by a bulletin board while sleeping, has a series of adventures with his body now only half an inch thick,

The Japanese Ninja Surprise —Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.

There's no place on Earth a flat kid can't go! Join Stanley on his third exciting adventure in the renowned Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures series! Stanley and his brother, Arthur, are such huge fans of the movie sta...

Flat Stanley. The fire station —Houran, Lori Haskins.

Stanley and his brother Arthur have won a trip to visit the local fire station. But it's not quite as exciting as they'd hoped. Where is the sliding down the pole? Where are the sirens and flashing lights? Then, all of a...