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When FBI agent Peter Connelly (Isaacs) investigates the murder of a beautiful American woman in Jerusalem, he soon discovers that the holiest city on earth hides an unholy secret. Now, in a race against time, Peter must ...

Jerusalem's hope —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

Strategist Moshe Sachar remains hidden in a secret tunnel beneath the Temple Mount, safely removed from the chaos of Israel's 1948 war of independence, while mourners at the funeral of an elder rabbi weep above him. Usin...

Retribution —Ingermanson, Randall Scott.

Two time travelers from the future are in Jerusalem A.D. 66, well aware that the Jews are about to revolt and that Rome will destroy the city in retaliation.

Jerusalem's heart —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

The inhabitants of Jerusalem brace for the violence that will follow the departure of the British in 1948.

Return to me —Austin, Lynn N., author.
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After years of watching his children and grandchildren wander from their faith, Iddo's prayers are answered: King Cyrus is allowing God's chosen people to return to Jerusalem. Jubilant, he prepares for their departure on...

Take this cup —Thoene, Bodie, 1951- author.
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Nehemiah, the young son of a Jewish woman, a weaver from Jerusalem, is born and raised among the Jews who didn't return to Jerusalem from the Exile. Nehemiah grows up with the expectation of a soon-coming Messiah. Could ...

The beauty queen of Jerusalem —Yishai-Levi, Sarit, author.

"The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem is a dazzling novel of mothers and daughters, stories told and untold, and the ties that bind four generations of women. Gabriela's mother Luna is the most beautiful woman in all of Jerusal...

Return to me —Austin, Lynn N.

"After years in exile, Iddo and his grandson Zechariah follow God's leading home to Jerusalem, where they struggle to rebuild their lives and God's temple--bringing to life the biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah"-- Prov...

Promised land —Whitlow, Robert, 1954- author.

"Despite their Israeli citizenship, Hana and Daud cannot safely return to their homeland because a dangerous terrorist ring is threatening Daud. Hana is perfectly fine remaining in the United States, working for a law fi...

Path of the assassin —Thor, Brad.

Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath is on the trail of the terrorist who masterminded the kidnapping of the president. His search will take him across North Africa, along the Amalfi coast, and finally to the Vatican.

Chosen people —Whitlow, Robert, 1954- author.

"Bestselling author Robert Whitlow dives deep into the legal ramifications of a tragic event half a world away and how it affects two lawyers in Atlanta from vastly different backgrounds. When Hana Abboud walked into the...

Path of the assassin [a thriller] —Thor, Brad.
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After rescuing the President from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath shifts his attentions to rooting out, capturing, or killing all those responsible for the plot. As he prepares to close out...

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