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Funny girl : funniest. stories. ever.

Presents a collection of humorous stories from over two dozen contemporary female writers, as well as autobiographical essays, comics, poems, and comic strips.

The case of the weird blue chicken : the next misadventure —Cronin, Doreen.

When a weird blue chicken comes to Chicken Squad headquarters for help, siblings Dirt, Sugar, and Sweetie help find her missing house.

Graphic Novel
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Just my rotten luck —Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Rafe Khatchadorian's new year at middle school is starting to look depressingly like the old one, except that art class is going well--and when he joins the flag-football team and demonstrates some talent as a running-ba...

Invasion of the Ufonuts —Keller, Laurie.

"Arnie is shocked when he hears his neighbor Loretta Schmoretta tell news reporters that she was the victim of an alien abduction. And not just any aliens--alien doughnuts from outer spastry. Arnie thinks this is a ridic...

Big fat little lit
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A collection of comic stories include works and illustrations by such best-selling authors as Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris, Maurice Sendak, Harry Bliss, and Ian Falconer.

The great cat conspiracy —Davies, Katie, 1978-

When their naughty cat disappears while being disciplined for bringing home the head of the vicar's most expensive koi carp, three siblings suspect a kidnapping and start an investigation.

Amelia Bedelia unleashed —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia's request for a sibling takes her parents by surprise, but she is soon distracted by the possibility of finding the perfect puppy, instead.

The best Christmas pageant ever —Robinson, Barbara, 1927-2013.

The six horrible Herdmans, the worst children in the history of the world, take over the annual Christmas pageant.

Junie B., first grader : turkeys we have loved and eaten (and other thankful stuff) —Park, Barbara.

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Scary's first grade class prepares a Thankful List for the school contest, but Junie B. Jones finds it hard to be grateful for squash or Tattletale May.

Minnie and Moo meet Frankenswine —Cazet, Denys.

During a thunderstorm, the farm animals are frightened out of the barn by a monster, and only cow friends Minnie and Moo are brave enough to investigate.

Amelia Bedelia means business —Parish, Herman.

"Young Amelia Bedelia will do almost anything for a shiny new bicycle. Her parents say they'll split the cost with her, and that means Amelia Bedelia needs to put the pedal to the metal and earn some dough! With Amelia B...

Bartholomew and the oobleck —Seuss, Dr.

The King, tired of rain, snow, sun, and fog, commands his magicians to make something else come down from the sky, but when oobleck falls, in sticky greenish droplets, Bartholomew Cubbins shames the King and saves the ki...

Big chickens fly the coop —Helakoski, Leslie.

Four fearful chickens venture out to see the farmhouse, with humorous results.

I even funnier : a middle school story —Patterson, James, 1947-

"While on a mission to win the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic regional competition, New York middle schooler Jamie Grimm copes with rival comics and bullies, a buddy in trouble, and a sudden family emergency, all with a sen...

The hero's guide to storming the castle —Healy, Christopher, 1972-

The four princes erroneously dubbed by Prince Charming and rudely marginalized in their respective fairy tales have to once again save the kingdom from a great threat.

The hero's guide to being an outlaw —Healy, Christopher, 1972-

"Posters plastered across the thirteen kingdoms are saying that Briar Rose has been murdered--and the four Princes Charming (Prince Liam, Prince Frederic, Prince Duncan, and Prince Gustav) are the prime suspects. In a de...

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