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Did you mean? Hamster Juvenile Fiction
Hot Rod Hamster and the haunted Halloween party! —Lord, Cynthia.

Hot Rod Hamster is invited to a Halloween party, and he enlists the help of a group of ghosts to win the spookiest costume contest.

Amelia Bedelia gets a break —Parish, Herman.

When Harry, the class pet, gets out while at Amelia Bedelia's over break, Amelia and her friends must find him.

Stanley's lunch box —Bee, William, author, illustrator.

After Stanley goes to the market, he prepares his lunch and packs his lunch box.

Stanley's library —Bee, William, author, illustrator.

Stanley the hamster has a busy day as he takes his bookmobile to the park, hands out books, hosts an author signing and then partakes in his comforting nighttime routine, in the colorful salute to reading, libraries and ...

The best seat in second grade —Kenah, Katharine.

Sam's favorite thing about second grade is the class pet, a hamster named George Washington, so when the class goes on a field trip to a science museum, Sam cannot resist bringing George along.

I am Nibbles —Froeb, Lori.

"Meet Nibbles the guinea pig. When a kid named Zack brings Nibbles home over vacation, he learns just how the guinea pig got his name!"-- Provided by publisher.

Stanley's paint box —Bee, William.

It's another busy day with Stanley and friends! Stanley brings his paint box to paint a colorful castle with Little Woo, Sophie, and Benjamin. There's red paint and blue paint and yellow paint and white paint. But what a...

Hamster Holmes, a big-time puzzle —Sadar, Albin.

"Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr. Watt, ... are enjoying a fair when a friend invites them to race to find a hidden hourglass. Can they solve the word puzzles in time? Time will tell!"-- Provided by publisher...

A bit stumped —Sadar, Albin.

Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr. Watt, have a new case. r the first time, Hamster Holmes is stumped. It all began when an owl named Rufus Feathers started to design a new tile patio for his house, and the yel...

School days according to Humphrey —Birney, Betty G.

Humphrey the hamster is puzzled when unfamiliar students fill Mrs. Brisbane's classroom at summer's end, but he soon learns that his friends from last year are fine and that the new class needs his special help.

Winter according to Humphrey —Birney, Betty G.

Humphrey the hamster and the students in Mrs. Brisbane's class get ready for the holidays and a special Winter Wonderland program.

Friendship according to Humphrey —Birney, Betty G., author.

Humphrey, pet hamster at Longfellow School, learns that he has an important role to play in helping his classmates and teacher.

Marion and the secret letter —Barkley, Callie, author.

It's Marion's turn to take care of Teddy, the class pet hamster! As a member of The Critter Club, Marion is used to being around animals, but she's excited to bring one home. The problem is, after one night in her house,...

Afraid of the dark? —Sadar, Albin.

Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr. Watt, have a new case... they are staying in a hotel in town that might be haunted! Will Hamster Holmes get to the bottom of this mystery? Or will it keep him up at night? Fin...

Stanley's toy box —Bee, William, author, illustrator.

Join Stanley at the park where he and his friends explore and play with all the toys in his toy box. They bounce balls, sail toy boats, and fly kites. What else is in Stanley's toy box?

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