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1083 Results
Boo! —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

Lance goes trick-or-treating with such a scary face that he is able to help himself to all his neighbors' candy.

Trick or treat! —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters are dressed up and ready for the spookiest night of the year! But who came to the party dressed as a ghost? Is this Halloween party haunted, or is someone pulling off the ultimate t...

Hot Rod Hamster and the haunted Halloween party! —Lord, Cynthia.

Hot Rod Hamster is invited to a Halloween party, and he enlists the help of a group of ghosts to win the spookiest costume contest.

Scaredy-cat, Splat! —Scotton, Rob.

Splat the cat accidently succeeds in being the scariest cat in the class for Halloween.

Frankenstein doesn't wear earmuffs! —Loren, John, author, illustrator.

A young trick-or-treater has the best Frankenstein costume ever ... if he can make it out the front door! Every time he tries to set foot into the dark and stormy night, his parents interrupt with yet another warm and co...

Ten timid ghosts —O'Connell, Jennifer Barrett.

A witch tries to scare ten ghosts out of the haunted house where they live, but in the end, they play a trick on her.

Ollie's Halloween —Dunrea, Olivier.

Dressed in their costumes, Ollie and his siblings go out on Halloween night and have a scary but fun adventure.

T. rex trick-or-treats —Grambling, Lois G.

A Tyrannosaurus rex cannot decide what kind of costume to wear on Halloween night.

Clifford's first Halloween —Bridwell, Norman.

Describes what Halloween was like for Clifford when he was a puppy.

Pig the monster —Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator.

Pig, the world's greediest Pug, is on the rampage for TREATS! TREATS! TREATS! But don't even think about being stingy with the goodies, because this candy-fueled glutton has some terrible tricks up his sleeve ...

Halloween party!

It's Halloween night and Magenta doesn't have a costume! Play Blue's Clues to figure out what Magenta should dress as for Halloween in this story featuring all your favorite friends from Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues and Yo...

Peppa's Halloween party.

"It is the spookiest time of year! Peppa and her family play outside in the leaves, carve pumpkins, and dress up in costumers for a Halloween party with all of their friends!"--Back cover.

Boo! Baa, la la la! —Boynton, Sandra, author.

The littlest book-lovers and their families will enjoy following the gentle cow as she ventures out into the moonlit night, trying to discover who it was that replied to her 'BOO' with a 'BAA.' The surprise ending is cer...

Halloween hustle —Gunnufson, Charlotte, author.

In the dark, a funky beat. Something white with bony feet. Skeleton dancing up the street, Doing the Halloween Hustle. Skeleton is dancing his way to a Halloween party--but as he grooves across town, he keeps stumbling, ...

Trixie the Halloween fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

It's Halloween, and Rachel and Kirsty can't wait to go trick-or-treating together. But for Jack Frost, this holiday is all about the tricks! Three magical pieces of Halloween candy are missing, and Jack Frost's goblins a...

Happy Halloween! —Potters, Rebecca, author.

It's Halloween and there's a new girl at Rainbow Kindi! Her name is Rainbow Kate. How will the Kindi Kids greet their new friend, especially on one of their favorite days of the year?

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