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118 Results
Palm trees at the North Pole : the hot truth about climate change —Horst, Marc ter, author.

"Perfect for home-schooling and virtual and blended learning, 'Palm Trees at the North Pole' shares the science and history of climate change through awesome facts and detailed, colourful illustrations that will excite a...

What's the weather? : clouds, climate, and global warming —Ralston, Fraser, author.

"At a time when extreme weather is becoming more and more common, get clued up on the science behind it and the ways in which it's changing. Learn about all kinds of weather and marvel at how powerful it can be. Discover...

Global warming —Lawrence, Ellen, 1967- author.

In this book, young readers will learn about global warming.

Oso polar, ¿sabes por qué se deshiela tu mundo? —Wells, Robert E.

Learn why the Earth is heating up and threatening the polar bears.

A global warming primer : answering your questions about the science, the consequences, and the solutions —Bennett, Jeffrey, author.

Provides information about global warming, discussing the science, the consequences, and the possible solutions.

Global warming —Oxlade, Chris.

This series presents the truth behind major environmental issues.

What is climate change? —Herman, Gail, 1959- author.

Presents an overview of climate change, discussing if humans are at fault for the rapidly warming Earth, and describes why climate change has recently become a political issue.

Global warming —Oxlade, Chris.

"Describes the current scientific evidence for global warming and the causes and effects of climate change. Includes charts and maps"--Provided by publisher.

The down-to-earth guide to global warming —David, Laurie.

An introduction to global warming with a focus on why it is happening, how it affects the planet, and how it can be stopped.

Why are the ice caps melting? : the dangers of global warming —Rockwell, Anne F.

Tells about the greenhouse effect, recycling, and what you can do to help fight global warming.

Climate change —Sharif-Draper, Maryam, author.

Understand the facts about climate change and discover what we can do to improve the human impact on our environment. In 2019, kids around the world are going on strike for the future of the planet, and for their own fut...

Climate change —Woodward, John, 1954-

Examines the causes and effects of, and possible solutions to, climate change.

Global warming : the threat of Earth's changing climate —Pringle, Laurence P.

Provides information about global warming, discussing the causes and effects of warming climates, and offering suggestions on how to reverse the trend.

Global warming —Peckham, Alexander.

Discusses the issue of the greenhouse effect and possible solutions to the global warming trend.

Our world out of balance : understanding climate change and what we can do —Minoglio, Andrea, author.

"This accessible guide for children details how humans have thrown the planet off-balance and ways we can work to create a healthier world. Encouraging and easily digestible, this illustrated nonfiction guide introduces ...

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