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The three little superpigs : trick or treat? —Evans, Claire (Illustrator), author, illustrator.

The three little Superpigs have been invited to perform at Fairyland's Halloween parade but before they get started, they find out that a wicked witch has stolen all the Halloween candy. They track her to the gingerbread...

The little blue bridge —Maier, Brenda (Brenda J.), author.

Loosely adapted from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Ruby and her brothers want to cross a bridge to pick blueberries, but it is guarded by the bully Santiago--the boys manage to trick him, but clever Ruby takes a different...

The dinosaur's new clothes —Goode, Diane.

In this retelling of the familiar story about two rascals who sell a vain emperor an invisible suit of clothes, the characters are presented as dinosaurs.

Little Red and the cat who loved cake —Lehman, Barbara, author, illustrator.

Little Red has baked a cake with their father, and is on the way to Grandma's house to make a delivery. But someone has been trailing them ever since they left home ... someone who really loves cake. This playful retelli...

The fairy's return and other princess tales —Levine, Gail Carson.

6 humorous retellings of familiar fairy tales, chiefly traditional: Diamonds and toads, The princess and the pea, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Puddocky (by Andrew Lang), and The golden goose.

Beasts and beauty : dangerous tales —Chainani, Soman, author.

Twelve tales, twelve dangerous tales of mystery, magic, and rebellious hearts. Each twists like a spindle to reveal truths full of warning and triumph, truths that free hearts long kept tame, truths that explore life, an...

Who pushed Humpty Dumpty? : and other notorious nursery tale mysteries —Levinthal, David.

Police detective Binky investigates the theft of a golden goose, the poisoning of Snow White, and other fairy tale crimes.

Cindy Ellen : a wild western Cinderella —Lowell, Susan, 1950-

Cindy Ellen loses one of her diamond spurs at the square dance in this wild western retelling of the classic Cinderella story.

No lie, I acted like a beast! : the story of Beauty and the Beast as told by the Beast —Loewen, Nancy, 1964-

The Beast relates the true story of how he was unintentionally rude to a fairy while preparing for an audition, then won the heart of a beautiful girl despite his appearance and odor.

Seriously, Snow White was so forgetful! : the story of Snow White as told by the dwarves —Loewen, Nancy, 1964-

The dwarf known as Seven explains how Snow White's terrible memory was the cause of many problems, including her long sleep, and exactly how she was rescued by a prince.

Adelita : a Mexican Cinderella story —DePaola, Tomie, 1934-

After the death of her mother and father, Adelita is badly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters until she finds her own true love at a grand fiesta.

It's not Jack and the beanstalk —Funk, Josh, author.

Jack is not fond of the bossy narrator of his fairy tale! When Jack is told to trade his beloved cow Bessie for some magic beans, throw the beans out the window, climb the ENORMOUS beanstalk that sprouts overnight, and s...

Stonearch fairy tales. [Volume 1], Shivers, wishes and wolves —Lemke, Donald.
Graphic Novel
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Presents graphic novel versions of the stories of "Cinderella," "Hansel and Gretel," "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Little Red Riding Hood," and "Rumpelstiltskin."

The Glass Queen —Showalter, Gena, author.

Ashleigh Ansklelisa may be called the Glass Princess due to her weak heart, but Saxon, king of the Avian, knows she is more dangerous than broken glass, in this Cinderella retelling that sweeps readers into the magical l...

Armadilly chili —Ketteman, Helen.

In this Texas-style adaptation of a traditional folktale, a tarantula, mockingbird and horned toad refuse to help an armadillo prepare a batch of chili but nevertheless expect to eat it when it's ready.

Joe Cinders —Mitchell, Marianne, 1947-

With a "Hot diggety-dog!" and a wave of his white sombrero, cowboy Joe Cinders gets the girl in this Southwestern retelling of the Cinderella story.

A captive of wing and feather : a retelling of Swan Lake —Cellier, Melanie.

"Princess Adelaide has been missing for years. And that's exactly the way she wants it. Haunted by her past, not even the curse that entraps her is enough to make her long for her old home. But her past finds her anyway,...

The sleeping beauty —Adams, Jennifer, 1970-

"Retells the classic story and introduces little ones to the beautiful art of ballet. Jennifer Adams' engaging text alongside adorable illustrations by Corey Egbert introduces little ones to The Sleeping Beauty story of ...

Supergirl and the Cinder Games —Sutton, Laurie S., 1953- author.

"A prisoner on the planet Apokolips, her memory of her powers suppressed, Supergirl has been reduced to a serving girl for Granny Goodness and the Female Furies; but when she watches trainees prepare for the Cinder Games...

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