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Hot on the trail in ancient Egypt —Bailey, Linda, 1948- author.
Graphic Novel
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"In this time-travelling graphic novel, the Binkertons--twins Josh and Emma and little sister Libby--stumble into the Good Times Travel Agency and take a once-in-lifetime trip back to ancient Egypt! Landing knee-deep in ...

Ancient Egypt —Ross, Stewart.

A look at life in ancient Egypt. Facts and illustrations are accompanied on each page by a story involving two child detectives living in ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians : dress, eat, write, and play just like the Egyptians —Macdonald, Fiona, 1958-

Includes informative text and hands-on projects that bring the history of the ancient Egyptians to life.

The ancient Egyptian Book of the dead : prayers, incantations, and other texts from the Book of the Dead —Budge, E. A. Wallis (Ernest Alfred Wallis), Sir, 1857-1934.

The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of ancient Egyptian magic spells and road maps to assist individuals through the underworld and into the afterlife.

The Ancient Egyptians —Cooke, Tim, 1961- author.

"Describes the fascinating lifestyles of people in Ancient Egypt. Using a celebrity-magazine type format, readers are introduced to life in this society"--Provided by publisher.

Tutankhamun —Demi.

"Using research that includes the artifacts in King Tutankhamun's tomb, Demi shares the rich details of the king's life, from ostrich and lion hunts, to the challenges of ruling his Kingdom."--Amazon.com.

Secrets of ancient empires. The first cities

An investigation into the realities of everyday life in ancient cities, including law and order, taxation and the surprising truth behind early class systems.

The awful Egyptians —Deary, Terry.

The author reveals more disgusting details about the awesome ancients, their groovy gods, potty pyramids and of course, their mad mummies. Readers can find out how a hunted hippo got his own back on a phoul pharaoh and d...

The singer from Memphis —Corby, Gary, author.

"A historical murder mystery adventure that stretches from Classical Athens to Egypt in the footsteps of the first historian, Herodotus! Nicolaos, the only private investigator in ancient Athens, discovers that helping a...

Egypt's golden empire

Examines the rise and fall of Egypt's New Kingdom, 1560 B.C. to 1080 B.C.

A history of ancient Egypt. From the first farmers to the Great Pyramid —Romer, John.

This history of ancient Egypt draws on a lifetime of research to recreate the previously untold story of how a civilization which began with handfuls of semi-itinerant fishermen settled, spread and created a rich, vivid,...

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