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Jabari jumps —Cornwall, Gaia, author.
Read-along Book
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Jabari is definitely ready to jump off the diving board. He's finished his swimming lessons and passed his swim test, and he's a great jumper, so he's not scared at all. 'Looks easy,' says Jabari, watching the other kids...

The deep —Korman, Gordon.

Kaz, Star, Adriana, and Dante have discovered a sunken treasure ship, but nobody wants them to get near it, so it will take a whole lot of ingenuity and teamwork for the children to obtain what is rightfully theirs.

Waiting to dive —Rivers, Karen, 1970-

Carly is ten and loves to dive off the rocks at her family's cabin and from the boards at the pool. She loves the feeling of floating up into the air and then dropping cleanly into the water with hardly a splash. Then on...

Constellation of the deep —Flouw, Benjamin, 1986- author, illustrator.

Fox loves nature, and enjoys discovering strange and fascinating plants. He especially loves the seaside, and often walks the salty coastal trails with his cousin Wolf. One day, Seagull tells the two about an especially ...

Jabari jumps —Cornwall, Gaia, author.

Working up the courage to take a big, important leap is hard, but Jabari is almost absolutely ready to make a giant splash. In asweetly appealing tale of overcoming your fears, Gaia Cornwall's debut picture book captures...

Moana's big leap —Francis, Suzanne, author.

"It is eight-year-old Moana's first time participating in the Tiale celebration -- a festival that occurs every ten years and honors a brave female ancestor. Thanks to determination and coaching from her mother, Moana co...

The discovery —Korman, Gordon.

Sharks, shipwreck, and sunken treasure are found in the latest adventure trilogy from bestselling author Gordon Korman.

Deep underwater —Luxbacher, Irene, author.

"Sophia bravely dives down to discover the secrets under the sea. She encounters beautiful fish and floating forests. Farther down, the dark water is full of tentacles and treasures. Deep underwater, she is never alone. ...

Dive!! 3 —Mori, Eto, 1968- author.
Graphic Novel
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The Japanese delegates for the Tokyo Olympics have been selected ... and Youichi's gotten the ticket of his dreams! When the motives behind the JASF's premature decision come to light, though, Youichi is completely throw...

Bernard makes a splash! —Stickley, Lisa, author, illustrator.

"Bernard has been the swimming pool manager for a long time, and practices his diving at night when no one else is around. When his swimming pool holds a contest for high-diving hounds from around the world, will he work...

Absolute pressure —Brouwer, Sigmund, 1959-

Ian loves scuba diving and working in his uncles dive shop in Key West, Florida. At least until someone tries to kill him--twice.

Cannonball —Cotter, Sacha, author.

Determined to execute the perfect cannonball dive, a boy tries to follow everyone's advice but finally hears Nan, an expert and former champion, who advises doing it his own way.

Pick your poison —Child, Lauren.

Ruby Redfort: You can count on her if you're between a rock and a hard place. A bite from a poisonous snake? Pass me the antivenom. Need someone to take the fall? You don't even have to ask. Stay one step ahead of troubl...

The diver —Carratello, Veronica, author, illustrator.

"Emma practices tirelessly to become a great diver, but as competition day approaches, her nerves get the better of her. When she picks up a penny for good luck, she has no idea that this little copper coin has dreamed o...

Dolphin treasure —Grover, Wayne.

Wayne is searching for buried treasure sunk with a Spanish galleon off the Florida coast when a storm arises and his dolphin friend comes to his rescue.

The danger —Korman, Gordon.

In the thrilling conclusion of Korman's trilogy, the kids who found the sunken treasure are trying to recover it from the adults who want to keep it for themselves. But there's a chance both will lose it if they don't ac...

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