11 Results
11 Results
Time warp : the seventh journey through time —Stilton, Geronimo, author.

When pirate cats threaten Mouse Island, Professor von Volt sends Geronimo Stilton and his friends back through time to ancient Greece, Atlantis, and Stonehenge to try and find out how ancient civilizations were able to f...

A small history of a disagreement —Fuentes, Claudio, author.

"Introduces young readers to the power of civil debate through a story about some upper-elementary-aged Chilean students who are divided on the issue of whether a much-loved old monkey puzzle tree should be cut down to m...

Mel & Mo's marvelous balancing act —Winstanley, Nicola, author.

"Mel and Mo may look alike, but these twins' personalities are far from identical. As they grow up, their differences drive them apart ... which suits them just fine. Mel's umbrellas fly off the shelves and Mo's high-wir...

Catfish Kate and the sweet swamp band —Weeks, Sarah.

While Catfish Kate and her friends are making sweet swamp music, Skink and his Skunktail boys are trying to read and they demand that the girls be quiet, but Kate finds a clever compromise.

Stumped —Kirk, David, 1955-

When Shimmer and Squirt both claim the last berry of the season, Miss Spider shows them that compromising can be fun."

Amelia Bedelia Joins the Club —Parish, Herman, author.

Amelia Bedelia is in a pickle! Her class has split into two clubs. The Puddle Jumpers like to jump over puddles. The Puddle Stompers like to stomp and splash in puddles. Both clubs want Amelia Bedelia to join -- and they...

Robyn's party in the park —Hutchins, Hazel

When Robyn starts planning her birthday party, her mother makes just one rule: everyone in her class has to be invited.

Mr. and Mrs. Muddle —Hoberman, Mary Ann, author.

Mr. and Mrs. Muddle, a horse couple, have to learn to compromise on the one thing they don't agree on.