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25 Results
BMX bully —Suen, Anastasia.

Eleven-year-old Matt wants to make the Evergreen Racing Team but his chances are seriously threatened when a new boy moves to town and resorts to cheating in order to win.

Paintball blast —Maddox, Jake.

When Max and Tyler start losing paintball matches to a new player named Ryan, Max is suspicious and sets out to prove that Ryan is cheating.

Theodore Boone : the scandal —Grisham, John, author.

Future lawyer Theodore Boone finds himself in the middle of a cheating scandal when an anonymous tip leads the Strattenberg school board to investigate suspicious standardized testing scores at another local middle schoo...

Captain Awesome gets a hole-in-one —Kirby, Stan, author.

"When Eugene goes mini-golfing for Meredith Mooney's birthday party, he realizes he's actually an excellent mini-golfer! But Meredith realizes this too, and she starts to cheat so that she'll win. Will Eugene reveal her ...

The cheat —Koss, Amy Goldman, 1954-

When Sarah gets her hands on the answers to the eighth-grade geography midterm and decides to share them with some other students, the consequences are far-ranging.

The fruit of my lipstick —Adina, Shelley.

Brilliant student and devout Christian Gillian Chang gets her first boyfriend during her junior year at Spencer Academy in San Francisco, but her friends think he may not be good for her.

To catch a cheat —Johnson, Varian, author.

Because of his reputation for practical jokes Jackson Greene is the automatic suspect for anything that goes wrong at school--but when he and his friends are framed for a crime they did not commit, Gang Greene sets out t...

Cheater : a novel —Laser, Michael.

When brilliant high school student Karl Petrovsky gets talked into participating in an elaborate cheating operation at his school, he ends up involved in a bigger problem than he ever anticipated.

Canyon chaos —Lewis, Axel, author.

This year the robot races are just for children, and Jimmy Roberts is entering the robot taxi his genius grandfather has built--but he will have to compete with a racer designed by NASA engineers for the wealthy and unsc...

Trapped : caught in a lie —Carlson, Melody.

"As straight-A student GraceAnn enters her senior year, the stakes seem higher, the stress is mounting, and after bad breakup with her boyfriend, her grades begin to slip. Couldn't she cheat, this just one time?"-- Provi...

The rivals —Whitney, Daisy.

Alex's role in the Mockingbirds, an underground student justice system at her elite boarding school, is challenged when she tries to stop a group of students using prescription drugs to help other students cheat, as scho...

Josie Griffin is not a vampire —Swain, Heather.

A hilarious take on the paranormal trend--Twilight meets The Breakfast Club! When former good girl turned rebel Josie Griffin gets busted for what was in her mind perfectly acceptable revenge on her cheating dog of a bo...

Testing the truth —Knudsen, Shannon, 1971- author.

When high-school senior Kai Tamura sneaks into Ms. Opal's classroom to steal the upcoming trigonometry exam, he sees her changing answers on her students' standardized tests, and he takes photos to prove it--then when no...

Casketball capers —Bently, Peter, 1960-

When the students of St. Orlok's Elementary School for Vampires face a cheating werewolf in a game of casketball, nine-year-old Lee Price asks his friend, Boris the bat, for help.

Multiple choice —Blair, Alison.

Maddie's roommates try to warn her that all play and no work could spell trouble, but by the time Maddie takes their advice, her grades are already a disaster. In desperation Maddie copies her roommate's paper, hoping no...

Swept away interactive fiction for girls —O'Dell, Nicole.

High stakes: Amber cheats on her final exams to win a prize but her best friend Brittany is blamed for it. Will Amber let Brittany take the fall? Essence of Lilly: Lilly "invents" youth group activities so she can hang o...

The Homework Machine —Gutman, Dan, author.

Four fifth-grade students--a geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker--as well as their teacher and mothers, each relate events surrounding a computer programmed to complete homework assignments.

Girl reporter sinks school! —Ellerbee, Linda.

Eleven-year-old Casey Smith decides to do an investigative story for the school paper about a cheating ring operating on campus.

Cheating lessons : a novel —Cappo, Nan Willard.

When her team is announced as finalists in the state Classics Bowl contest, Bernadette suspects that cheating may have been involved.

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