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16 Results
Adventure cat! : and more true stories of amazing cats! —Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner, author.

"Join three fantastic felines as they embark on the adventures of their (nine) lives in this colorful Chapters book, filled with photos and fun facts. Meet Dusty, a Siamese cat who gives the phrase "cat burglar" new mean...

Pounce! : a how to speak cat training guide —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

"Guide to training a cat for kids, based on scientific information about felines." -- Provided by publisher.

Why the cat chose us —Zeaman, John.

Provides an overview of how wild cats in Africa evolved into domesticated cats.

How to talk to your cat —George, Jean Craighead, 1919-

Describes how cats communicate with people through their behavior and sounds and explains how to talk back to them using sounds, behavior, and body language.

If you were a cat —Hibbert, Clare, 1970-

"Describes the features, life, and habits of cats in contrast to human life"-- Provided by publisher.

How to speak cat! —Whitehead, Sarah.

Describes how cats communicate with people through their behavior and explains how to talk back to cats so they'll respond appropriately.

Cats : in from the wild —Arnold, Caroline.

Discusses the physical characteristics and behavior of cats since their evolution from ancient cats forty million years ago.

Jaguar —Murray, Julie, 1969- author.

Jaguars have one of the most powerful bites in the animal world! Readers will learn about these bites as well as other cool facts about jaguars, like where they live, what they look like, and what they like to eat.

Becoming your cat's best friend —Gutman, Bill.

Questions and answers explain why cats knead with their claws, what a cat's twitching tail means, and other mysteries of the feline world.

Why the cat chose us —Zeaman, John.
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Traces the history of cats--from their origins in the wild to their domestication about five thousand years ago (as evidenced in Egyptian tomb paintings), to their modern-day household status. Presents cat facts and supe...

Cat whys —Prap, Lila, 1955-

Humorous answers to questions about cats plus factual information about cat behavior.

When cats get angry —Niver, Heather Moore, author.

Cats are popular pets, but have you ever stopped to think about their emotions? Our feline friends are known for being a bit moody some more than others and this easy-to-read volume will highlight the ins and outs of why...