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28 Results
Thomas Edison : lighting the way —Houran, Lori Haskins.

Learn about the life of Thomas Edison.

Steve Jobs : thinking differently —Lakin, Patricia, 1944-

Presents the life and career of the innovative computer pioneer who helped found Apple Computer, and returned to the company to bring it a second period of success in the industry.

Jeff Bezos : founder of Amazon.com —Weil, Jamie.

"Learn who Jeff Bezos is, how he started Amazon, and even how he came up with company's name."--Publisher's website.

Henry Ford —Joseph, Paul, 1970-

Sketches the life of the inventor and businessman who with hard work and an innovative mind changed the car industry in ways that will never be duplicated.

Henry Ford and the Model T —O'Hearn, Michael, 1972-
Graphic Novel
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"In graphic novel format, tells the story of Henry Ford and his popular Model T automobile"--Provided by publisher.

Who was Levi Strauss? —Labrecque, Ellen, author.

"As a young working-class German immigrant, Levi Strauss left his family's dry goods business in New York City to journey out west for the California Gold Rush. Only Levi wasn't looking for gold: he wanted to provide the...

Frozen in time : Clarence Birdseye's outrageous idea about frozen food —Kurlansky, Mark, author.

"This biography--perfect for middle-grade readers--tells the life story of Clarence Birdseye, the man who revolutionized the frozen food industry, and is adapted from Mark Kurlansky's adult work Birdseye: The Adventures ...

Who is Bill Gates? —Demuth, Patricia, author.

"Bill Gates, born in Seattle, Washington, in 1955, is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. In this Who Was ...? biography, children will learn of Gates' childhood passion for computer techn...

Tech titans : one frontier, six bios —McClafferty, Carla Killough, 1958-

Profiles the life and accomplishments of six leaders in the world of computer technology.

Mark Zuckerberg : creator of Facebook —Weil, Jamie.

Mark Zuckerberg's story is an interesting one: who knew that a quiet, code-writing nerd would be the creator of what we call social media, the Chairman and CEO of Facebook Inc., and the youngest self-made billionaire.

Bill Gates : a twentieth-century life —Aronson, Marc.

When Bill Gates was born in 1955, no one owned a personal computer. Gates envisioned what a computerized society could be and he set out to lead the way, building the Microsoft empire with single-minded drive. Today, the...

Steve Jobs the man who thought different : a biography —Blumenthal, Karen.

Steve Jobs has been described as a showman, artist, tyrant, genius, jerk. Through his life he was loved, hated, admired and dismissed, yet he was a living legend; the genius who founded Apple in his parent's garage when ...

The story of Microsoft —Richardson, Adele.

Describes the history of Bill Gates's Microsoft Corporation and its impact on the computer industry.

Caleb Davis Bradham : Pepsi-Cola inventor —Llanas, Sheila Griffin, 1958-

A biography of Caleb Davis Bradham the creator of Pepsi-Cola.

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