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45 Results
Seek & find biomes : tundra, alpine, forest, rainforest, savanna, grassland, desert, freshwater, marine —Peterson, Jorrien, author, illustrator.

"Learn about the plants and animals in eight unique biomes with fun facts, engaging questions, and intricate illustrations. A biome is a naturally occurring community of diverse plants and animals. Explore your world top...

Biomes : discover the earth's ecosystems : with environmental science activities for kids —Latham, Donna, author.

Discusses different types of biomes on Earth: forests, deserts, grasslands, tundra, mountains, oceans. Activities and projects include making a blubber mitt, a rainstick, a tornado in a bottle, a food chain flipbook, a g...

What is a biome? —Kalman, Bobbie.

Introduces biomes, showing and describing the main kinds and discussing their location, climate, and plant and animal life, as well as those developed by humans.

Ecomazes : twelve Earth adventures —Munro, Roxie.

12 maze puzzles represent different ecosystems and feature hidden animals. Answer keys and explanatory text included in the back of the book.

Special environments —Jeon, Min-hui, author.

Explores some of the different plants and animals that live in the jungle, desert, and polar regions.

Biome geo facts —Howell, Izzi, author.

Discover the biomes of our planet, from lush rainforests and sweltering deserts to deep oceans and fast-flowing rivers. See how seasons and climates vary across the globe, and find out about amazing animal and plant adap...

Food webs —Greathouse, Lisa E., author.

"A snail eats a leaf. A bird eats the snail. A cat eats the bird. Living things need one another to survive. This is how a food web works. Even you are part of a food web! What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Fin...

Exploring ecosystems —Hawley, Ella.

Explores the components of ecosystems and describes some of the world's most common ecosystems.

Beastly biomes —Allen-Fletcher, Carly, author.

"Animals, like people, live in many different environments called biomes. Deserts, forests, wetlands, and oceans support a wide range of animals and plants. Discover the different types of biomes and the creatures that l...

Ecosystems —Rice, William B. (William Benjamin), 1961- author.

"Living and nonliving things live together, in an ecosystem. Each thing living in the ecosystem relies on something else. To stay alive, all living things in an ecosystem need to live in balance. Can you think of an ecos...

Earth matters.

A visual exploration of Earth's different habitats, examining how climate change affects plants and animals and providing ideas on how we can all do positive, practical things to help.

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