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1344 Results
Can a cat do that? —Carle, Eric.

Shows different animals behaving as they normally do, such as running or pinching, and asks if a cat can do the same. Includes word list and follow-up questions.

Sink or swim —Katschke, Judy, author.

Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a trip to Hawaii, where the Magic School Bus provides them with individual submarines, and they learn about fish schools and the behavior of undersea animals--and try to avoid being eaten b...

The way home for wolf —Bright, Rachel, author.

Wolf cub Wilf is convinced that he has what it takes to lead the pack, but the adults just laugh--and when he falls behind and finds himself alone in the dark of the Arctic night he discovers that it is really important ...

Bo and the merbaby —Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator.

Merbaby Flo was born with only one fin, unable to swim--so Bo and the other unicorns set out for the Shiny Sea to find the Golden Fish and ask Goldie to use his magic to help baby Flo.

Big city adventures —Johnson, Nicole, author.

Liberty, a dog from Adventure City who knows the place very well, notifies the PAW Patrol about the city's dangerous new mayor, and is there to help out when they come to the rescue.

What the dinosaurs did last night a very messy adventure —Tuma, Refe, author.
Read-along Book
Availability: 1 of 6

Photographs and simple text reveal the mischief toy dinosaurs get into all night long, from knocking over potted plants to painting on walls.

How to get your teacher ready —Reagan, Jean, 1965- author.

Explains how to help your teacher get ready for events in the school year.

Ravi's roar —Percival, Tom, 1977- author, illustrator.

Tired of missing out on good things because he is the smallest and youngest in his family, Ravi turns into a tiger and gets what he wants with a great roar.

Little Miss Bossy —Hargreaves, Roger, 1935-1988, author.

Wilfred the Wizard cures Little Miss Bossy's problem with a wizardy word and a pair of magic boots. Little Miss Bossy tells everyone what to do until Wilfred the Wizard casts a spell on her.

Ms. MacDonald has a farm —Nakamura, May, author.

Ms. Macdonald needs help on her farm! Luckily, Daisy and Cole are ready to pitch in.

Negative cat —Blackall, Sophie, author, illustrator.

"Max isn't a typical cat, but his loving owner still sees the best in him."--Provided by publisher.

Mr. Pants : slacks, camera, action! —McCormick, Scott, 1970-
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 7

Mr. Pants is determined to win a film contest, but his sisters and their friends are not eager to participate.

Squirrel's New Year's resolution —Miller, Pat, 1951 May 28- author.

"Squirrel hears about making New Year's resolutions on the radio, but she doesn't know what they are. So she visits her friends to find out what they resolve to do in the new year. Bear wants to help others learn to read...

Eva and the lost pony —Elliott, Rebecca, author.

Eva decides that warning all the animals in the forest about the approaching storm is a perfect project to prove herself worthy of taking the Owl Oath, but when she stops to help a lost pony and they get caught in the st...

Bo's magical new friend —Elliott, Rebecca, author.

Rainbow Tinseltail and the other students at Sparklegrove School for Unicorns are excited when a brand new unicorn, Sunny Huckleberry, enters the school, but Sunny does not know what his special magical power is, and the...

Rock out, Rocky.

"This book is all about Rocky, the plucky parasaurolophus. Rocky is the fastest, strongest, and bravest dino around--or so he thinks! Rocky is determined to prove to his pals Mazu, Bill, and Tiny that he's as tough as hi...

What the dinosaurs did at school —Tuma, Refe, author, illustrator.
Read-along Book
Availability: 2 of 5

"Photographs and simple text reveal the mischief that toy dinosaurs get into during school".

Hooray for friends! —Finnegan, Delphine.

"...Top Wing cadets Swift, Rod, Penny, Brody zoom into action to get everyone to a friendship party in time"-- Publisher's description.

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