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143 Results
Animal armor —Marsh, Laura F., author.

"Information about animals shells, scales, spikes and other outer coverings, for young children learning to read"-- Provided by publisher.

What if you had an animal tail!? —Markle, Sandra, author.

"What if you woke up one morning and you had sprouted a tail overnight? What If You Had An Animal Tail? -- the next imaginative book in the What If You Had series -- explores what would happen if you looked in the mirror...

Trickiest! : 19 sneaky animals —Jenkins, Steve, 1952- author.

Trickiest! introduces readers to some of the slyest animals on the planet.

Deadliest! : 20 dangerous animals —Jenkins, Steve, 1952- author, illustrator.

Deadliest! showcases some of the planet's most threatening creatures.

Stinkiest! : 20 smelly animals —Jenkins, Steve, 1952- author, illustrator.

Describes the odors that some animals have developed to stay safe and thrive in their environments, including the striped skunk, the bombardier beetle, and the honey badger.

Look at me! : wild animal show-offs —Arnosky, Jim, author, illustrator.

Illustrations explore how animals have adapted their appearances in highly visible ways, from lizards and snakes that spread their skins to show alarm and animals that have horns and antlers to fight to birds' colorful p...

Bigfoot and adaptation —Collins, Terry (Terry Lee)
Graphic Novel
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"In cartoon format, uses bigfoot to explain the science of adaptation"--Provided by publisher.

Out of sight till tonight! : all about nocturnal animals —Rabe, Tish, author.

"The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Nick to visit with nocturnal animals and to explore their special adaptations for living in the dark."-- Provided by publisher.

Shell, beak, tusk : shared traits and the wonders of adaptation —Heos, Bridget, author.

Introduces how evolution provides common traits for different animals, and the unique ways in which each uses them, from the shelled snail and turtle to the billed duck and platypus.

Stinky skunks and other animal adaptations —Taylor, Barbara, 1954- author.

If you were a hungry coyote, would you brave a skunk's stinky spray for a meal, or would it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Many animals have survival techniques that offend the senses or strike fear in the hearts of pr...

Animal engineers —Howell, Izzi, author.

"Animals build structures to shelter their young, catch prey, and even communicate. Some animals even change their environment to suit their needs. This awesome book reveals the amazing ways that certain animals engineer...

Moth —Thomas, Isabel, 1979- author.

A newly-emerged peppered moth blends in with other speckled-winged moths on lichen-covered branches, but over time the moths with black wings increase as trees are blackened by soot from man-made machines.

What if you could spy like a narwhal!? : explore the superpowers of amazing animals —Markle, Sandra, author.

"If you could have any animal's superpower, whose would you choose?"-- Provided by publisher.

Plant and animal adaptations.

"A graphic nonfiction volume that introduces plant and animal adaptations that allow for survival in the wild"-- Provided by publisher.

The blue giant —Cottle, Katie, author, illustrator.

This stunning follow-up to Katie Cottle's debut picture book 'The Green Giant' is another entertaining and beautiful eco-tale from the 2017 winner of the Batsford Prize. It introduces children to the issues of pollution,...

Animal skins —Holland, Mary, 1946- author.

"Fur, feathers and scales are all animal coverings or skins. Animals use their skin to stay warm and dry, protect themselves or hide or even to warn other animals to stay away. Following Animal Noses, Animal Tails, Anima...


Four years in the making, and filmed over 3000 days across every continent and in every habitat, see 130 incredible stories from frontiers of the natural world. Discover the glorious variety of life on Earth and the spec...

Pandas —Riggs, Kate, author.

"A kindergarten-level introduction to pandas, covering their growth process, behaviors, the forests they call home, and such defining features as their black-and-white fur"-- Provided by publisher.

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