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Who is R.L. Stine? —Payne, M. D. (Matthew D.), 1978- author.

"Reader beware! The biography of R. L. Stine, author of the hugely popular Goosebumps series, is a scary-good time! R. L. Stine began writing stories at the age of nine, after finding a typewriter in his family's attic. ...

Who is Greta Thunberg? —Leonard, Jill, author.

When she was just fifteen years old, Greta Thunberg knew she wanted to change the world. With a hand-painted sign that read "School strike for the climate" in Swedish, Greta sat alone on the steps of the Swedish parliame...

Who is Wayne Gretzky? —Herman, Gail, 1959- author.

Known for his love for family and as a truly decent human being, Wayne Gretzky is revealed as more than a sports legend in this easy-to-read biography.

Who is Michael Jordan? —Anderson, Kirsten (Kirsten Stephanie), author.

Presents the life and career of one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Who is Temple Grandin? —Demuth, Patricia, author.

"Temple Grandin wasn't officially diagnosed with autism until she was in her 40s, but she knew at an early age that she was different from her family and classmates. She couldn't show affection, she acted out when noises...

Who is Jeff Kinney? —Kinney, Patrick, author.

"Even as a kid, everyone thought Jeff Kinney was talented. People loved his drawings, and when he went to college, his comic strip Igdoof was so popular that it spread to other universities! Still, Jeff faced challenges....

Who is Jackie Chan? —Shaffer, Jody Jensen, author.

"When Kong-sang was a young boy in Hong Kong, he enjoyed practicing martial arts with his dad but hated going to school. He was eventually enrolled in the China Drama Academy, where he improved his martial arts skills an...

Who is Stan Lee? —Edgers, Geoff, author.

Profiles the life and accomplishments of Stanley Lieber, also known as Stan Lee, comic book author, publisher of Marvel Comics, and creator of such famous comic-book characters as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and the...

Who is Aretha Franklin? —Medina, Nico, 1982- author.

Presents the life of one of the bestselling artists of all time, from her start singing in front of her father's Baptist congregation to being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Who is George Lucas? —Pollack, Pam, author.

Highlights the life and accomplishments of the creator of the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" movies, whose technological innovations have had a major impact on the film industry.

Who is Richard Branson? —Burgan, Michael, author.

What would you do with a billion dollars? This question gets a definitive answer from billionaire Richard Branson: do everything! Born into a wealthy family in London, Branson suffered from dyslexia and was a poor studen...

Who is Steven Spielberg? —Spinner, Stephanie, author.

"While other kids played sports, Steven Spielberg was writing scripts and figuring out camera angles. He went from entertaining his Boy Scout troop with home movies to amazing audiences around the world with epic blockbu...

Who is RuPaul? —Medina, Nico, 1982- author.

"RuPaul Andre Charles always knew he was meant to be a performer. Even as a young child, he loved to dress up and imitate the glamorous women he saw on television. When he turned fifteen, he began studying theater in a p...

Who is Elton John? —Anderson, Kirsten, 1969- author.

Profiles the life and career of the rock musician known for his whimsical stage costumes and for such hits as "Your Song" and "Crocodile Rock."

Who is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? —Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.

Details superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's career from the wrestling ring to the big screen.

Who is the Dalai Lama? —Rau, Dana Meachen, 1971- author.

"Get to know the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader and one of the most popular world leaders today. Two-year-old Lhamo Thondup never imagined he would be anything other than an ordinary child, but after undergoing a s...

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