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166 Results
French bulldogs —Saller-Schneider, Susanne.

"The first title in Barron's brand-new, beautifully produced Breed Profiles series gives a detailed account of a breed that has recently soared in popularity among dog lovers. The small, flat-nosed French Bulldog is both...

War spies —Polansky, Daniel, author.

A collection of short biographical sketches describes the background stories and pivotal achievements of six of history's most famous war spies, including Sir Francis Walsingham, Belle Boyd, Kim Philby, Virginia Hall, an...

Bill Gates : an unauthorized biography —Connolly, Sean, 1956-

A biography of the math whiz kid who grew up to co-found Microsoft, the world's leading computer software firm.

LeAnn Rimes —Britton, Tamara L., 1963-

A biography of the young country music star who was the youngest artist and only country performer ever to win the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Killer cults : stories of charisma, deceit, and death —Singular, Stephen, author.

"How do the leaders of some cults get such often-unfathomable power over their adherents? Across a series of profiles, Killer Cults reveals the truth behind some of the most mystifying and deadly cults and their leaders,...

Giganotosaurus —Dalla Vecchia, Fabio Marco.

Describes what is known about the meat-eating dinosuar, Giganotosaurus. Includes physical characteristics, environments, its prey, and how we know so much about them.

Roald Dahl : an unauthorized biography —Middleton, Haydn.

A biography of the writer of such popular books as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "James and the Giant Peach," and "Matilda."

Tech titans : one frontier, six bios —McClafferty, Carla Killough, 1958-

Profiles the life and accomplishments of six leaders in the world of computer technology.

Anne Frank : an unauthorized biography —Tames, Richard.

Traces the life of a Jewish girl who chronicled her day-to-day life in a diary as she hid in an attic in Nazi-occupied Holland for two years.

Ankylosaurus —Dalla Vecchia, Fabio Marco.

Describes what is known about the plant-eating dinosuar, Ankylosaurus. Includes physical characteristics, environments, its predators, and how we know so much about them.

Vincent Van Gogh —Whiting, Jim, 1943-

A biographical profile of nineteenth-century Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, discussing his early struggles, his bouts of depression, his development as an artist, and his posthumous fame. Includes a chronology, as well a...

Britney Spears —Britton, Tamara L., 1963-

Profiles the life and career of the former Mouseketeer and popular young singer, Britney Spears.

Great auto makers and their cars —Italia, Bob, 1955-

Introduces some of the men whose ideas and innovations shaped the development of modern automobiles, including Karl Benz, Ferdinand Porsche, William Lyons, and Henry Ford.

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