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25 Results
Stumped —Kirk, David, 1955-

When Shimmer and Squirt both claim the last berry of the season, Miss Spider shows them that compromising can be fun."

A froggy day special

Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner are playing in the Taddy Puddle when they come across Felix the frog - a sweet-natured amphibian who's tongue challenged. When the little bugs take pity on him and untangle his tongue from a c...

The prince, the princess and the bee

Your favorite bugs from Sunny Patch join the journey to learn how important it is to be your bug-self. Come along with Miss Spider on a magical journey that will make you royally happy regardless of whether or not you we...

A cloudy day in Sunny Patch

Shimmer, Miss Spider's adopted beetle daughter, has never had a hatchday party - a birthday party for bugs. Everyone wants her first one to be perfect, especially Shimmer. The hatchday girl wants a fun-in-the-sun day at ...

The most perfect parent —Kirk, David.

Miss Spider gives a lesson in good parenting to Spiderus.

Happy Heartwood Day —Kirk, David, 1955-

The insect villagers of Sunny Patch celebrate Heartwood Day and Dragon learns the importance of sharing.

The listening walk —Kirk, David, 1955-

When little Wiggle is kept awake by scary noises, his mother, Miss Spider, takes him out for a walk to show him the harmless things that are making those sounds.

Eight legs up —Kirk, David, 1955-

While observing other contestants practice for the Sunny Patch Pinecone Derby, Snowdrop decides that she cannot be graceful with eight legs, and tries to make herself more like an insect.

All pupa'ed out

While out collecting nectar in the meadow, Shimmer and Squirt come across a very cute tiny little caterpillar they name 'Cookie'. Cookie is a Monarch Butterfly caterpillar and she eats her weight in food every day! The k...

The bug flu —Kirk, David, 1955-

Dragon learns a lesson when he pretends to be sick.

Taste bugs
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After school rules —Kirk, David, 1955-

When some of the Sunny Patch kids want to play soccer and some want to play basketball, they find a way to make both groups happy. Text contains rebuses.

I'll fly away —Kirk, David 1955-.

Hoping to be with other dragonflies, Dragon joins the Flying Aces, but he finds that he misses his insect friends and family.

Dashing through the snow —Kirk, David 1955-.

While hurrying home to join their family for a Holly Day feast, Miss Spider and her sons become trapped in a snowstorm before meeting up with some helpful insect friends.

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