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52 Results
Fast as the Flash! —Webster, Christy.

Speedy DC Super Friend The Flash, races to the rescue.

Shark attack! —Wrecks, Billy.

When the deep-sea villain Black Manta is up to no good, Batman and the DC Super Friends have to battle a sea of sharks and other underwater creatures to stop him.

T. rex trouble! —Shealy, Dennis R., 1969-

Join Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the rest of the DC Super Friends as they fly off on a new adventure in this Step into Reading leveled reader for boys ages 4-6. When evil Lex Luthor takes over the city of Metrop...

Crime wave! —Wrecks, Billy.

The Super Friends try and stop Black Manta and his sea creatures from stealing a giant pearl.

The Flash! —Berrios, Frank, author.

Read about the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive!, and the criminals he fights.

Reptile rumble! —Wrecks, Billy.

When cold-blooded Croc attacks with his army of snakes and alligators, it is up to Batman and the Super Friends to stop this reptile ruffian's sinister scheme.

Bizarro Day! —Wrecks, Billy.

Can the Super Friends show Superman's opposite, Bizarro, how to be a hero?

Hot pursuit! —Foxe, Steve, author.

Lex Luther captures Superman and it is up to the rest of the Super Friends to rescue him before Luthor hits him with a Kryptonite ray.

The secret of Shazam! —Webster, Christy.

Follow along as Shazam the world's mightiest mortal shares his secrets.

DC super friends little Golden Book favorites —Wrecks, Billy, author.

Collects three stories of the superheroes, including "Big Heroes!," in which Lex Luthor uses a device to shrink the Super Friends down to the size of ants.

Batman's hero files —Wrecks, Billy.

Learn all about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and the rest of the Super Friends!

Flying high —Eliopulos, Nick.

When the birds of Gotham City create havoc across town, it appears to be the work of the Penguin, who has his feathered friends to distract the Super Friends while he plucks Gotham's biggest bank clean.

Wonder Woman to the rescue! —Carbone, Courtney.

Come along on an adventure with Wonder Woman and her Super Friends!

Brave Batgirl! —Webster, Christy.

Batgirl patrols Gotham City.

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