91 Results
91 Results
Yellow-bellied sea snakes —Klein, Adam G., 1976-

Briefly describes the yellow-bellied sea snakes' physical and behavioral characteristics.

Maine coon cats —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Presents information about the oldest and largest American breed of cat including physical characteristics, care and feeding, and what to look for when buying a kitten.

Funnel-web spiders —Wheeler, Jill C., 1964-

Introduces funnel-web spiders, including where they live and how to identify them.

Springer spaniels —Furstinger, Nancy.

An introduction to the two dog breeds of springer spaniels, including where they came from, how to identify them, and how to care for them.

Black bears —Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-

Briefly describes the physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior of black bears.

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