39 Results
39 Results
Mr. Wuffles! —Wiesner, David.
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"Mr. Wuffles ignores all his cat toys but one, which turns out to be a spaceship piloted by small green aliens. When Mr. Wuffles plays rough with the little ship, the aliens must venture into the cat's territory to make ...

The three pigs —Wiesner, David, author.
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The three pigs escape the wolf by going into another world where they meet the cat and the fiddle, the cow that jumped over the moon, and a dragon.

Flotsam —Wiesner, David.
32 available of 34 items

A boy at the beach finds an old camera, and when he gets the roll of film developed, he is very surprised at what he sees in the photographs.

Tuesday —Wiesner, David.
14 available of 16 items

Frogs rise on their lily pads, float through the air, and explore the nearby houses while their inhabitants sleep.

RoboBaby —Wiesner, David, author, illustrator.
4 available of 13 items

Excited by the arrival of a new baby, a family of robots is nearly undone by technical difficulties until big sister steps in and repairs the situation.

Art & Max —Wiesner, David.
19 available of 19 items

Max wants to be an artist like Arthur, but his first attempt at using a paintbrush sends the two friends on a whirlwind trip through various media, with unexpected consequences.

I got it! —Wiesner, David, author, illustrator.
20 available of 21 items

In this wordless picture book, a young outfielder imagines all the terrifying ways he might not catch the baseball, and one way that he can.

The loathsome dragon —Wiesner, David.
7 available of 8 items

A wicked queen casts a spell over her beautiful stepdaughter, turning her into a loathsome dragon until such time as her wandering brother shall return and kiss her three times.

Fish Girl —Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- author.
Graphic Novel
7 available of 9 items

"Fish Girl, a young mermaid living in a boardwalk aquarium, has never interacted with anyone beyond the walls of her tank until a chance encounter with an ordinary girl, Livia. Their growing friendship inspires Fish Girl...

Sector 7 —Wiesner, David.
13 available of 13 items

While on a school trip to the Empire State Building, a boy is taken by a friendly cloud to visit Sector 7, where he discovers how clouds are shaped and channeled throughout the country.

The loathsome dragon —Wiesner, David.
7 available of 7 items

A wicked queen casts a spell over her beautiful stepdaughter, turning her into a loathsome dragon until such time as her wandering brother shall return and kiss her three times.

Night of the gargoyles —Bunting, Eve, 1928-
8 available of 8 items

In the middle of the night, the gargoyles that adorn the walls of a museum come to life and frighten the night watchman.

Totally middle school : tales of friends, family, and fitting in
1 available of 2 items

"Best-selling and award-winning authors take on the brave new world of middle school in this remarkable collection, brimming with humor and heart. Subjects range from peer pressure, homework, family issues, and cultural ...

Mr. Wuffles!
12 available of 12 items

Mr. Wuffles is a cat who loves to play with a little spaceship full of actual aliens-but the ship wasn't designed for this kind of rough treatment. When the space visitors dodge the cat and take shelter behind the radiat...

June 29, 1999 —Wiesner, David.
10 available of 10 items

While her third-grade classmates are sprouting seeds in paper cups, Becky has a more ambitious, innovative science project in mind.

Kite flier —Haseley, Dennis.
2 available of 2 items

A father sends his magnificent kites soaring through the sky to express his feelings toward his restless son.

Free fall —Wiesner, David.
4 available of 5 items

A young boy dreams of daring adventures in the company of imaginary creatures inspired by the things surrounding his bed.

Hurricane —Wiesner, David.
6 available of 6 items

The morning after a hurricane, two brothers find an uprooted tree which becomes a magical place, transporting them on adventures limited only by their imaginations.

E.T., the storybook of the Green Planet : a new storybook —Kotzwinkle, William.
2 available of 2 items

The gentle extraterrestrial's return to his home planet discloses that he has fallen out of favor with his colleagues, who try to prevent his journey to Earth to provide spiritual guidance for his young friend Elliott.

Owly —Thaler, Mike, 1936-
7 available of 7 items

When Owly asks his mother question after question about the world, she finds just the right ways to help him find the answers.

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