6 Results
6 Results
Come and play, Hippo —Thaler, Mike, 1936-, author

Hippo and his jungle friends worry about Friday the 13th, start a band, and enjoy a magic show.

The amusement park from the Black Lagoon —Thaler, Mike, 1936- author.

It is time for a class trip, and all Hubie's friends want to go to the amusement park. But Hubie doesn't. Waiting in long lines? Rides named after natural disasters? There's nothing amusing about that.

Trick or treat from the black lagoon —Thaler, Mike, 1936- author.

Halloween is here and that means costumes and candy. Hubie doesn't know what he wants to be this year.

The slime from the black lagoon —Thaler, Mike, 1936- author.

Hubie has the strangest science teacher ever! Mr. Hyde has the class do the weirdest experiments. This week, Hubie is going to create his own slime. So gooey! So disgusting! How will Hubie ever make a clean getaway ...

Groundhog Day from black lagoon —Thaler, Mike, 1936- author.

"Groundhog Day is here and Hubie is not happy about it. Who has ever heard of an anima predicting the weather? His class is going to do a morning news show about it. Hubie has to be the anchorman. How many weeks left unt...

The Spring Break from the Black Lagoon —Thaler, Mike, 1936- author.

"Spring break is here! With no school or homework for a week, Hubie can finally read his pile of comic books. But instead, mom tells him to pack his suitcase. They're going to visit Grandma. Hubie has no choice, he has t...