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It seemed like a good idea ... : Canadian feats, facts and flubs —Staunton, Ted, 1956- author.

Turning your main street into a giant tubing run? Getting a moose car wash for free? Sharing a poutine as long as a city bus? Getting lost in a snow maze for fun? Where on earth are any of these things a good idea? In Ca...

What blows up —Staunton, Ted, 1956- author.

"If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? How about the ability to move things with your mind? But what if concentration and coordination weren't your strongest traits? Thirteen-year-old Gary Lundborg oft...

The good fight —Staunton, Ted, 1956- author.
Graphic Novel
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"It's Toronto in the 1930s. The city is small, often xenophobic, and the summer is stiflingly hot. Everyone flocks to the lakeshore. In one area of the beach, a neighbourhood protective association has formed to keep out...

Friends for real —Staunton, Ted, 1956- author.

"When Emma loses something good, she finds something even better."--Back cover.

Building a railway —Staunton, Ted, 1956-

Discusses the building of Canada's railroads, focusing on the scandals, blunders and disasters involved.

Mélange explosif —Staunton, Ted, 1956-

Tétralogie de romans drôles, trépidants et plutôt dégoûtants, qui suivent tour à tour les quatre adolescents formant "l'équipe épique quasi héroïque", ces derniers se trouvant aux prises avec des pouvoirs tout...

Bounced —Staunton, Ted, 1956- author.

"Thirteen-year-old Duncan lives with his unconventional bohemian aunt. She's determined to give him an expensive private education, even though Duncan isn't particularly interested in school. He wants to be a detective l...

Puddleman —Staunton, Ted, 1956-

When Michael fills his sandbox with water and then jumps right in, Puddleman is born. Puddleman loves playing in the mud- especially after he's scared off the Glassgrinder twins and made the nosy lady next door faint.

Morgan makes a deal —Staunton, Ted, 1956-

A paper route is a lot more work than Morgan imagined, and when Aldeen tags along, there is double the work and triple the trouble.

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