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Dance baby dance —Spalding, Andrea.
Board Book
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A playful board book for babies about the supportive circle of family, friends and community that surrounds them.

Secret of the dance —Spalding, Andrea.

In 1935, an eight-year-old boy's family holds a forbidden potlatch in faraway Kingcome Inlet.

Dance of the stones —Spalding, Andrea.

The four children seek Ava's circlet which is buried within the ancient Stone Circle of Avebury.

Solomon's tree —Spalding, Andrea.

A boy is devastated when his beloved maple falls in a storm and the transformational experience of making a Tsimpshian mask helps him deal with his fear.

Heart of the hill —Spalding, Andrea.

Adam must recover Myrddin's staff from the heart of Glastonbury Tor.

Me and Mr. Mah —Spalding, Andrea.

Ian becomes friends with Mr. Mah, and learns they have a lot in common. Both are displaced from their original homes.

Bottled sunshine —Spalding, Andrea.

Sammy learns to make blackberry jam during his last visit with his fun-loving grandmother, and the vivid memories of their time together sustain him after she passes away.

Behind the sorcerer's cloak —Spalding, Andrea.

The Dark Being is poised to conquer Earth and after that, the Universe. Only the four Magic Children can restore the balance between Light and Dark.

Seal song —Spalding, Andrea

When a young boy rescues a seal tangled in a fishing net, he wishes she could live on land. The next day a mysterious girl appears on the docks and the fisher folk become uneasy, believing she is a selkie, a seal that ha...

The white horse talisman —Spalding, Andrea.

"This is the first volume of a new quartet, in which the battle between good and evil plays itself out through two children, a mythical horse and an imprisoned dragon" Cf. Our choice, 2003.

Phoebe and the the gypsy —Spalding, Andrea.

While on visiting her grandmother's cottage in England, a young Canadian girl meets a mysterious Gypsy who seems to know all about her--including the secret that Phoebe has kept from the whole world.

Sarah May and the new red dress —Spalding, Andrea.

With the help of her friend the West Wind, Sarah Mae's practical and cheap new dress becomes the dress of her dreams.

The most beautiful kite in the world —Spalding, Andrea.

Jenny wants nothing more for her birthday than the beautiful kite she saw in the store window, and when her father presents her with an ordinary kite he made himself, she is disappointed. But with a little help from the ...

Finders keepers —Spalding, Andrea.

While walking through a field, Danny finds an 8,000-year-old arrowhead. After he shows his friend Joshua, who lives on the Peigan reserve at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, the two go on buffalo hunts, powwows, archaeologi...

The Klondike ring. —Spalding, Andrea.

When their parents head to Dawson City to make a documentary on the Gold Rush, Willow pans for gold and finds an antique ring, and Rick finds an old poem which may have been written by Robert Service.

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