8 Results
8 Results
10 events that changed the world —Senker, Cath, author.

For thousands of years, humans and their actions have shaped our history. But some events are so profound, they not only change the course of history, they also manage to leave a legacy so powerful, it can be called worl...

A Jewish life —Senker, Cath, author.

Judaism is a religion with a deep history. Readers of this engaging book learn all about what it means to be part of the Jewish faith. They'll also learn about the fascinating stories behind the many traditions, celebrat...

A Hindu life —Senker, Cath, author.

Hinduism is a major world religion full of culture and tradition. Throughout all parts of life, followers of the faith take part in many important celebrations and ceremonies. Readers of this innovative volume learn abou...

A Muslim life —Senker, Cath, author.

A Muslim Life explores what it means to be a Muslim, from prayer and visits to the mosque, through christening and wedding ceremonies, to the joy of Id celebrations and the Hajj.