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47 Results
Irresistible —Scrimger, Richard, 1957- author.

"If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? What about becoming mesmerizingly persuasive in the blink of an eye? But what if you're the only one unaware of your charms? Archie O'Kaye mostly rubs people the ...

Weerdest day ever! —Scrimger, Richard, 1957- author.

Bunny is on a camping trip with his brother and his grandpa. How much trouble can he get into? As it turns out, a lot. For one thing, there are soldiers all over the place. Canada is about to go to war with the United St...

Eugene's story —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Eugene, a middle child tries to tell his story but is constantly interrupted by his older sister.

Princess Bun Bun —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Winifred, Eugene and baby Bun Bun are off to visit their uncle, who lives in the Castle Apartments.

A nose for adventure —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Alan boards a plane for New York to visit his father, but his dad isn't there to meet him at the airport. Luckily, Norbert, the alien who took up residence in his nose in the previous book, is there to help.

From Charlie's point of view —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Best friends Bernadette and Charlie begin seventh grade and help unravel the mysterious case of the Stocking Bandit.

Noses are red —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Alan, Norbert and Victor go camping with Alan's mother's muscle-bound new boyfriend. Not exactly a fun time when you don't like the outdoors and all you want to do is play cards.

Me & death : an afterlife adventure —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Fresh from having stolen a piece of fruit and taunting the grocer, Jim, a fourteen-year-old wannabe gangster, bully, and car thief, is run over by a car. What follows is a hilarious, bleak, and ultimately hopeful visit t...

Into the ravine —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Three neighborhood boys build a raft and float it down a stream, encountering hoboes, crashing a funeral, and coping with kidnapping.

The boy from Earth —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

Norbert, the tiny wisecracking alien from Jupiter, gets an emergency phone call from home. His sweetheart, Nerissa, has been kidnapped by an evil giant and placed in the Lost Tower of Lotubmen. Norbert has helped his Ear...

Of mice and nutcrackers : a Peeler Christmas —Scrimger, Richard, 1957-

The class is putting on The nutcracker for the holiday pageant and Jane Peeler's in charge. Things are not going well.

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