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11 Results
Dead of winter —Ryan, Annelise, author.

"At the local ER, a battered and bruised teenage girl has been brought in by a mysterious man who claimed she'd fallen out of a car. The staff is suspicious, but while they attend to the teenager, the unidentified man sl...

Needled to death —Ryan, Annelise, author.

"As a colleague of deputy coroner Mattie Winston, social worker Clothilde Hildy Schneider is no stranger to unsolved murders at Sorenson General Hospital. Except this time, it's up to her to crack the case . . . Motivate...

Night shift —Ryan, Annelise, author.

While moonlighting with the local police, social worker Hildy Schneider is drawn into the darker side of small-town Sorenson, Wisconsin, as she teams up with Detective Bob Richmond to solve a seemingly supernatural case....

Dead even —Ryan, Annelise, author.

In Sorenson, Wisconsin, a local bigshot is found with a pool cue throught the heart and Mattie Winston must untangle a web of lies to sink a killer.

Dead calm —Ryan, Annelise, author.

As deputy medical examiner and homicide detective respectively, newlyweds Mattie Winston and Steve Hurley are dispatched to a grisly crime scene at the Grizzly Motel, a seedy joint for illicit liaisons on the outskirts o...

Dead ringer —Ryan, Annelise, author.

Spring is beginning to brighten Sorenson, Wisconsin, for Mattie and Steve Hurley and their family. While their son Matthew may be in his terrible twos and Steve's daughter Emily a moody teenager, the kids bring light to ...

Night shift —Ryan, Annelise, author.
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"The new story in the phenomenal Midnight, Texax series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris At Midnight's local pawnshop, weapons are flying off the shelves--only to be used in sudden and dramatic ...

Dead in the water —Ryan, Annelise, author.

When a floating body with its throat slashed turns out to be the newest member of the medical examiner's staff, all while she plans her wedding to Detective Steve Hurley Wisconsin deputy coroner Mattie Winston is startin...

Needled to death —Ryan, Annelise, author.
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"Motivated by her own difficult past, Hildy has an unparalleled commitment to supporting troubled clients through grief and addiction in Sorenson, Wisconsin. But when a distraught group therapy member reveals disturbing ...